Important River Projects in India

List of important river projects in India :-

River Project
River, State, Height and Length
Baglihar Dam
Jammu and Kashmir, on Chenab River, Height 143 meters, Length 364.362 meters
Bhakra Nangal Dam
Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, on Sutlej River, Height 226 meters, Length 520 meters
Bhavanisagar Dam
Tamil Nadu, on Bhavani River, Height 105 feet, Length 1700 meters

Bisalpur Dam
Rajasthan, on Banas River, Height 130 feet, Length 1883 feet
Cheruthoni Dam
Kerela, on Cheruthoni River, Height 450 feet, length 2300 feet
Hirakud Dam
Odisha, on Mahanadi River, Height 60.96 meters, Length 25.8 km
Indira Sagar Dam
Madhya Pradesh, on Narmada River, Height 92m, Length 653m
Jamrani Dam
Uttarakhand, on Gola River, Height 130.6 meters, Length 465 meters
Koyna Dam
Maharashtra, Koyna River, Height 339 feet, Length 2648 feet
Krishnarajasagar Dam
Karnataka, on Kaveri River, Height 125 feet, Length 3.5 km
Maithon Dam
Jharkhand, on Barakar River, Height 165 feet, Length 15712 feet
Mettur Dam
Tamil Nadu, on Kaveri River, Height 120 feet, Length 1700 meters
Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, on Krishna River, Height 124 meters, Length 1450 meters
Nagi Dam
Bihar, on Nagi River, Height 113.5 meters, Length 1884 meters
Pakal Dul Dam
Jammu and Kashmir, on Marusudar River, Height 167 meters, Length 305 meters
Pong Dam
Himachal Pradesh, on Beas River, Height 132.59 meters, Length 1950.7 meters
Ranjit Sagar Dam
Punjab, on Ravi River, Height 145 meters, Length 617 meters
Rihand Dam
Uttar Pradesh, on Rihand River, Height 299 feet, Length 3064 feet
Salal Dam
Jammu and Kashmir, on Chenab River, Height 113 meters, Length 487 meters
Sardar Sarovar Dam (Narmada Dam)
Gujarat, on Narmada River, Height 163 meters, Length 1210 meters
Subansiri Lower HE Dam
Arunachal Pradesh, on Subansiri River, Height 130 meters, Length 284 meters
Teesta-V Dam
Sikkim, on Teesta River, Height 86.8 meters, Length 176.5 meters
Tehri Dam
Uttarakhand, on Bhagirathi River, Height 260 meters, Length 575 meters
TungaBhadra Dam
Karnataka, on Tungabhadra River, Height 49.38 meters, Length 2441 meters
Ukai Dam
Gujarat, on Tapi River, Height 81 meters, Length 4927 meters

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