List of Important Agricultural Revolutions In India

The following table briefly highlights the important agricultural revolutions of India and the table is followed by some very important key points that one must remeber for the competitive exam.
Revolution Product related Person associated with
Protein Revolution Higher Production (Technology driven 2nd Green revolution). Coined by PM Narendra Modi and FM Arun Jaitely.
Yellow Revolution Oil seed Production (Especially Mustard and Sunflower). Sam Pitroda
Black Revolution Petroleum products.
Blue Revolution Fish Production Dr. Arun Krishnan.
Brown Revolution Leather / Cocoa / Non-Conventional Products.
Golden Fiber Revolution. Jute Production.
Golden Revolution. Fruits / Honey Production / Horticulture Development Nirpakh Tutej.
Grey Revolution. Fertilizers.
Pink Revolution. Onion Production / Pharmaceuticals / Prawn Production. Durgesh Patel.
Evergreen Revolution. Overall Production of Agriculture. Started in 11th 5 year Plan.
Silver Revolution. Egg Production / Poultry Production Indira Gandhi.
Silver Fiber Revolution. Cotton.
Red Revolution. Meat Production / Tomato Production. Vishal Tewari.
Round Revolution. Potato.
Green Revolution. Food Grains. Norman Borlong
M.S. Swaminathan.
William Goud (UK).
White Revolution (or, Operation Flood) Milk Production. Verghese Kurien.

Important Points to Remember

  • Father of Green Revolution: - Norman Borlong (USA).
  • Father of Indian Green Revolution: - M.S. Swaminathan.
  • Green Revolution term coined by: - William S. Goud (UK).
  • Father of White Revolution: - Varghese Kurien.
  • Father of Silver Production: - Indira Gandhi.
  • Father of Blue Revolution: - Dr. Arun Krishnan.
  • Father of Golden Revolution: - Nirpakh Tutej.
  • Father of Pink Revolution: - Durgesh Patel.
  • Father of Induced Breeding: - Prof. Hiralal Chaudhari.
  • Father of Red Revolution: - Vishal Tewari.

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