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3 Common Mistakes in English Section of IBPS exams

Published on Sunday, July 14, 2013
English section is the most time consuming section both at the time of preparation and exam. Today I am

There is always a confusion while using 'some' or 'any'. Same is the case of words like 'little','a little' and 'the little'.

Here's the solution for these confusing problems.

Some Or Any:

"To express quantity or degree"

We are going to discuss that Where to use 'some' and where to use 'any' in the sentences. Firstly we need to check whether the sentence is affirmative or not.

If sentence is affirmative, then normally 'some' is to be used .

If sentence is negative or interrogative, then we are supposed to use 'any'.

For example:

I will buy some mangoes. (Affirmative sentence)

I will not buy any mangoes. (Negative sentence)

Have you bought any mangoes? (Interrogative sentence)

NOTE: 1)'Any' can be used after 'if' in affirmative sentences.

For example: If you need any monry,.......

2)'Some' can also be used in interrogative sentence which are really offering or requesting or which expect answer "yes".

For example:(i)Will you have some ice cream. (Offering)

(ii)Could you lend me some money? (Requesting)

(iii)Did you buy some clothes? (Expectation)

Little, a little or the little

Little = It means "not much" (hardly any)

Negative meaning.

Example: He showed little concern for his nephew.

He has little appreciation of good poetry.

A Little = It means "some though not much"

Positive meaning

For example: A little tact would have saved the situation.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

The Little = It means "not much, but all there is"

For example: The little information he had was not quite reliable.

Few, a few or the few

Few = It means "not many" (hardly any)

Negative meaning.

For example:Few persons can keep a secret.

A Few = It means "some"

Positive meaning and opposed to "none"

For example: A few parsees write Gujrati correctly.

The Few = It means "not mnay, but all these are"

For example: The few friends he has are all very poor.

The few clothes they had were all torn.

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