SEBI Grade A Officers exam experience

After having a bad exam experience in NICL exam last week where candidates even used Internet on their mobiles. Today I appeared for SEBI grade A exam. I was allotted Institute of Engineering and technology Bhaddal. Exam was conducted by IBPS and it was the third time I gave an online MCQ exam. So far this was the best testing technology ever seen, far better than CAT.

Exam pattern

There were 200 question which were divided into four sections, namely Quantitative aptitude, reasoning, general awareness and English language. 

Quantitative aptitude

This section was very easy. There were simple calculation questions. These type of questions can see in clerical level exams. There were two data interpretation sets which were fairly easy. Anybody who is quick at calculations and approximation, can solve at least 40 questions within 35 minutes.

One question appeared from Venn diagram appeared in this section. It was the same question I gave as an example in my previous post. Further 3 questions appeared from Time and work chapter, I used these questions as examples.

One strange thing I observed in this exam was last 10-15 questions were relatively easy. Candidates who didn't even saw these questions are going to regret.

You can get full list of chapters from Quantitative aptitude section of this website.


This section was of moderate difficulty. Difficulty level of 25 questions was very easy. Few questions were very difficult. The candidates who left those questions saved lot of time and will be able to score in the exam.

In my previous article on reasoning, I gave three example out of which 5 questions were asked from round table example and 5 questions were asked from sitting arrangement example. 

General awareness

This was the only tough section in the exam. Most of the questions were asked from core finance. For a chartered accountant, it was an easy section but for MBAs it was really a difficult section. Many questions were asked from national government schemes, international organizations, financial terms, banking terms, RBI notifications, annual budget etc 


I gave just 25 minutes to this section. There were 15 fill in the blank questions, 5 questions to find grammar errors and 10 questions to find opposite and similar words. There was a reading comprehension paragraph which was barely 800 words and it contained 10 questions.

Difficulty level of exam

Quantitative aptitude - Very easy
Reasoning - Moderate
English - Easy
General awareness - Difficult

Overall exam difficulty level - Moderate 


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  1. I attempted 144. No idea about results. Should be in last week of October

  2. Hi raman,

    ur attempt in SEBI exam... i attempted 186....& any idea about result???

  3. sir please tell your ibps exam experience also

  4. Last year IBPS PO was conducted in paper format.
    SEBI AO exam was conducted by IBPS. Difficulty level of both exams are same. I am sure this time GK section is going to be tough. More finance and less politics and sports etc.

    As difficulty level is same and IBPS is conducting both exams, I don't want to write another post.

  5. Hi Makk
    I have already mentioned the topics from which GK questions were asked.

  6. Hi Raman,

    As you said I bought India 2013 book for my upcoming exams but I am really confused as the book is so wide. So can you please help me out as which topics I need to refer from this book and what are other books that I need to refer. Also please tell online material like RBI guidelines and national events that I need to refer to clear these exams.

  7. Hi Raman,

    As you said, I got India 2013 for my upcoming RRB and po exams but book is so wide that I am confused. So can you please help me out which topics to follow in this book for RRB and po exams and some other online material to cover like RBI guidelines, new schemes etc. I am bit confused as India 2013 is very wide. Thanks in advance.

    1. if a coin is tossed 6 times then the probability of obtaining heads and tails alternatively is


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