3 Habits of Failures in IBPS Exams

Published on Friday, November 15, 2013
Many of you might be appearing for IBPS PO and other banking exams from last many months. I have encountered with a guy who was university toppers and failed in 9 recruitment exams consecutively. After teaching these kind of students, I have noticed few habits which are committed by most of these failures, here they are :-

Relying too much on coaching institutes

One of the most common mistake I found in failure is that these people blindly trust high-profile coaching institutes. Do you even know most of the coaching institute's teachers themselves unable to pass bank exams. These high-profile institutes never hires good teachers because good teachers expects respectable salary which these institutes never pays. 

Recently while talking talking to a IBPS PO aspirant in a Google Hangout, the person said "I just forgot the Data Interpretation formula taught by my coaching institute teacher, can you please remind me what it is !". He was my batch-mate in school days and he completed his M.Sc. in Mathematics with distinction.

What to learn from this  

Coaching is not necessary at all for bank exams. Self-study is the only way to improve your score and increase your problem solving speed. Many aspirants ask here about best institutes in their locality. Answer is - Avoid coaching institutes and find a mentor. A mentor who can guide you whenever you need any kind of help.

Choosing wrong study material

Many students buy All-in-one books. These books are waste of money and time. I have provided full list of books for every exam, find below link to find lists

What to learn from this

Never rely on these All-in-one books at all. Buy books recommended in above lists.

You can also buy Focus Institute's notes from Instamojo. I also wrote quantitative aptitude part of these notes. These notes will help you complete your syllabus quickly and help you build your exam strategy.

Avoid Guessing

Recently I conducted a poll in which asked readers to click their IBPS PO attempt. I was surprised to see that 10% of the readers attempted more than 150 questions. Considering the level of difficulty of the exam, it was almost impossible to attempt more than 150 questions. This means that these candidates were able to solve one question within 48 seconds!!

Many of you might know that IBPS PO cutoff hovers around 75/200 for general category and when candidates try to attempt 150+ questions with 50-60% accuracy, they fails badly. 

What to learn from this

Avoid guessing at any cost. Now there are 5 options instead of 4, so the probability of getting wrong answer is higher.

Just think, if you attempt 120 questions with 90% accuracy and give optimum time to reasoning and data interpretation sets questions, then how much marks you can score !! But students don't think like this, they want to score 120+. By scoring 100+, I can assure you that even if you perform very bad at interviews, you will get a job for sure.

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