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Tips for managing time in IBPS Specialist Officer

Published on Friday, December 27, 2013
Hi all , hope you liked my previous post

Today I am writing about few tips which may help you all to score good .

First of all which ever post you have filled for IT officer / Law officer / Finance Officer or some other post you are in for a treat . As the syllabus you have studied in college / masters the syllabus you have lived with for years is having maximum weight-age in marks ie 75.

Time Management :From recently concluded IBPS PO and IBPS clerical we have seen the level of difficulty has gone up considerably and cut offs have come down .

From that we can assume that IBPS SO will be of some what same level.So it becomes more important not to solve questions but solve them in a given time frame .

Professional Knowledge

Try to solve professional knowledge section in 35 minutes . Not more than that . Think, even if it an objective question think before you mark. Because section hold 75 precious marks . Each question contains 1.5 marks . Your target should be at least 30-35 questions . 1 question per minute . with average of 80 percent accuracy you target get some what between 36-40 marks in this section .

Quantitative Aptitude 

This section was most difficult and time consuming in recently concluded exams .Devote 35 minutes on it .Do not stuck to one question for long if you are not able to solve it . Move on . Try to solve one liners rather than lengthy questions first . Target few set of questions from DI if you solve one you will milk 5 marks . Make your choice wisely . Questions are lengthy in this section so target just 20 -25 questions first hand with 80 percent accuracy .Target 18-25 marks .


This section contains both lengthy and short questions . Try to solve questions which can be solved quickly like Statement and decision Making ones . Sitting arrangements take time but give marks too . Devote 25 -30 minutes and target 30 questions . With 80 percent accuracy you will get 20-25 marks .


Only time consuming part in English Section is Comprehensions . Other questions can be done quickly enough . Target at least 30 questions in this section along with 90 +percent accuracy .Devote at max 25 minutes on it .This section will yield you 25 -30 marks

Current affairs

This section can also be done quickly . If you know answer mark it otherwise move ahead Target same 30 questions in this section too and devote 25-30 minutes on it . Try to keep accuracy eve at 80-90 percent and get 25-30 marks .

All the best .Remember time is Success .

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Ashish Vashisht

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