5 Exam Tips for IBPS Specialist Officers Exam

Published on Saturday, January 25, 2014
As IBPS Specialist Officer exam is getting closer, many readers are asking for study plans and tips. Although I don't consider myself an expert, but I have an experience of 3 years in MCQ exam. Many people abuse will ask that whether I failed that many times, answer is NO. I am doing my own business and the things that makes me happy. I made this blog just to share my experience and help candidates who are unable to crack any exam.

Here are some tips that will help you during your exams :-  

1) Attempt last questions first

There is no logic behind this trick but I noticed this pattern. Last questions are relatively easier than first ones. If there are 50 questions in a section then start your attempt from 28-30 (make variations if there are sets of questions). I have seen many candidates regretting for wasting their time son on first questions, paper setters are too smart they want to waste your time. It's time to fool them.

2) Skip daunting questions

 If some questions looks bulky and mysterious to you, simply skip them, Don't try anything new during the exam, find the questions which you have already seen during preparations and attempt them. That's the only reason that few stupid guys whom you think so bad at English and Maths, cracked the exam but you failed. That's only reason, they just wanted to get passing marks but you wanted to be a topper although you didn't have the potential. Result is, you failed!

This is not CAT or any other entrance exam. Everyone who pass the exam will get the job, so don't try to make things big. Salary and scale will be same for all candidates. Try your level best to achieve passing marks first and don't be over ambitious if scored 150 out 200 in a practice exam.

3) Prepare for all type of reasoning questions

For candidates who are appearing for first time, let me tell you that most of the candidates fail due to Reasoning section. There is a misconception that English is the most difficult part but the reality is cutoff of English section remains very low because language skills candidates from northern region is really bad (I am a part of them too :p). So, it's the right time to pick reasoning book and solve every kind of question. This section hardly takes much time to prepare.

4) Use less paper

Have you ever tried to attempt an online exam with pen ?

If not then just give it a try. Do mental calculations. Take a full length test and compare with you average score. You will notice at least 25% growth in your score. If you don't trust and thinking that I am faking then before abusing in comments, give it a try. 

Hope you will use all the of the tricks.

In case of any query, post a comment. I rarely reply to repetitive comments asking "What is my chance ?"

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