IBPS PO III Result delayed - Jharkhand High court accepted PIL

Many of you are waiting for IBPS PO III results. There is a bad news for candidates who are waiting for results but good news for OBC category candidates who were rejected at the time of interview.

 If you remember many OBC candidates were not allowed to attend the interviews. They collectively filed PIL in Jharkhand court and PIL is accepted. Now court put a stay on IBPS PO results.

IBPS can't declare results till the matter is solved.

Now IBPS have two solutions :-

1. Conduct interview of OBC candidates who were rejected at the time of interviews and delay the result of OBC category.

2. In worst case, IBPS will conduct interviews of all those OBC category candidates and declare collective result.

IBPS have already made the result but they can't declare till the matter in Jharkhand high court solved. Today is first hearing of the case figures crossed. On one side there is career of thousands of OBC candidates who were rejected due to lack of information to IBPS officials. On other side thousands of candidates are waiting for results. Many of them left their jobs, many are unemployed. Lots of hope on this result.

Unable to open case status page of official Jharkhand High Court website. So don't ask for source. Search Google.


Next date of hearing is 28-01-2014, please check official website here


As some institute's website is accusing me of spreading fake rumors, here is my clarification

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