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IBPS Clerk III Interview Experience - Mumbai

Published on Friday, February 21, 2014
Interview experience:
Venue: Bank of Maharashtra, Bandra, Mumbai
Panel: 3
Time 8.30 am
Date - 20 February
Interview duration : 10-12mins

May I come in
Good morning sirs n good morning mam
M1 manju navani
Me yes
M1 where do you stay
Me answered
M1 when have you completed bcom
Me 2012
M1 tell us about your family
Me replied
M1 up till wen you had marathi
Me up till 10th. I told I am not proficient in marathi and I know basics
M1 he asked about my dad in marathi
Me : I started in marathi but halfway changed to English as was not getting enough words
M1 asked me to write about my family in marathi
Me : I did my best to do so.. but didn't do very well

M2: if you r already working at the same package as of a clerk why you wanna switch
Me: I said main reason I am interested in banking is job security
M2: said how there job security in bank
Me: because psu banks are government owned
M2: there was a bank earlier which was nationalized but is no longer a nationalized bank
Me: told about merger f a Bank with pnb
M2: so you still think bank has job security
Me: yes because even d employees were shifted to pnb after merger so their jobs were secured and continued
M2: so you don't want to work a bit but you want a job security (I was highly annoyed by this statement as I am a best performer in my comp but I maintained calm poise)
Me: of course we have to work too but in pvt sector as m working for a UK comp Even after working hard the company might take its process back and I can become jobless
M2 : satisfied with ans.. then asked what is bachatgat I was not able to make out what it is den he said self help groups.
Me: explained him fully. He did lots of cross questions and then asked self help groups of Mumbai which I didn't knew as I thought shgs are present only in rural areas (as per books)
M2: said how would youu manage in a rural place where there r no electricity water etc
Me: I said I will manage coz there mite be some way of water supply and after all I have to adjust if I am going at a place for betterment of people I will live as the people f rural area lives.
M2: we are not working for the betterment of pepl (it was absurd)
Me: of course we do .. we open a branch in rural area for their development n betterment
M2: asked me southern most northern most west n east places of Maharashtra
Me: I told I do not know and I haven't prepared about the geographical aspects of Maharashtra
M2: so how will youu work in Maharashtra if youu don't know all places f Maharashtra
Me: I said I am ok to work in any corner of Maharashtra so I do not need to prepare about all the areas of Maharashtra
M2: You should have learnt Marathi before applying (again absurd n annoying)
Me:sir I didn't had anyone to speak to in marathi so thats why I am not fluent

Lady: if we hire you and you come across an illiterate women how will u converse
Me: Hindi or Marathi of course

Lady and M1: but you cant speak to us in marathi how will you talk to them
Me: sir and mam where I stay there are hardly any Maharashtrians and where I work as its a MNC we are not allowed to speak in local language so due to this m not fluent in marathi but I assure you that once I get some one to talk with I can master marathi within a month.

M1: now satisfied told okay so learn marathi fast
Me: definitely sir thank you

M1: you may leave now
Me: thank you again

(No banking no current issues no economic or monetary policy was asked... I prepared all dis my whole week and all went wasted.. don't know why they did so.. were testing my confidence n patience or maybe just didn't liked me as I am not a Maharashtrian) -_-

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