IBPS Clerk Interview Experience - 12th Feb Jalandhar

Published on Sunday, February 16, 2014
My name is Gurpreet Singh. and i want to share my interview experience.
Date 12th feb
venue- Hotel Down Town, Jalandhar

I reached venue at sharp 8:30am
document verification at 10am
Interview started at 11:00am

There was Four members, one female and three male. M1, M2, M3 and F1 all was 50 plus

I wished good morning to all of them

M1:- So Gurpreet you have done MBA in marketing and HR. so tell me duties of HR in an organization?
me:- replied
M1:- Suppose an employee is very hard working and he do his job after working hours also, How can you motivate him.
me:- we can make hike in his salary.
M1:- ok, any other way to motivate without monitory benefits?
me:- yes, we can issue him appreciation letter in meeting.
Mi:- good, thats what i want to listen.
M2:- How Banks get profit?
me:- By taking deposits from individuals, organizations etc. and lend that money to others at high interest rates.

M2:- Which bank account has minimum interest rate?
me:- current account.
M2:- as a bank, which account is more beneficial to banks?
me:- I said fixed deposit. but i was wrong here. it was saving account
M2:- What is interest rate on saving account
me:- i said 3.5%(not sure)
F1:- she gave me newspaper in punjabi to read, i am very good in punjabi so didnt got any problem there
F1:- Who is flying sikh?
me:- sardar Milkha Singh
F1:-Which city is leader in sports product export?
me:- Jalandhar
F1:- In which four parts we can distribute punjab area wise and language wise?
me;- Doaba, Manjhi, Malwa and Poandhi.
M3:- Why Banks offer Interest on Saving accounts?
me:- so that they can get more deposits
M3:- any other reason?
me:- I guessed due to social security( i was not sure)

then they said Thank you, All d best

My score is 88 SC category in punjab and cutoff is 53. So please tell me what are my chances?

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