IBPS Clerk Interview Experience - 12th Feb Jalandhar

My name is Gurpreet Singh. and i want to share my interview experience.
Date 12th feb
venue- Hotel Down Town, Jalandhar

I reached venue at sharp 8:30am
document verification at 10am
Interview started at 11:00am

There was Four members, one female and three male. M1, M2, M3 and F1 all was 50 plus

I wished good morning to all of them

M1:- So Gurpreet you have done MBA in marketing and HR. so tell me duties of HR in an organization?
me:- replied
M1:- Suppose an employee is very hard working and he do his job after working hours also, How can you motivate him.
me:- we can make hike in his salary.
M1:- ok, any other way to motivate without monitory benefits?
me:- yes, we can issue him appreciation letter in meeting.
Mi:- good, thats what i want to listen.
M2:- How Banks get profit?
me:- By taking deposits from individuals, organizations etc. and lend that money to others at high interest rates.

M2:- Which bank account has minimum interest rate?
me:- current account.
M2:- as a bank, which account is more beneficial to banks?
me:- I said fixed deposit. but i was wrong here. it was saving account
M2:- What is interest rate on saving account
me:- i said 3.5%(not sure)
F1:- she gave me newspaper in punjabi to read, i am very good in punjabi so didnt got any problem there
F1:- Who is flying sikh?
me:- sardar Milkha Singh
F1:-Which city is leader in sports product export?
me:- Jalandhar
F1:- In which four parts we can distribute punjab area wise and language wise?
me;- Doaba, Manjhi, Malwa and Poandhi.
M3:- Why Banks offer Interest on Saving accounts?
me:- so that they can get more deposits
M3:- any other reason?
me:- I guessed due to social security( i was not sure)

then they said Thank you, All d best

My score is 88 SC category in punjab and cutoff is 53. So please tell me what are my chances?
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  1. Sir I am from guj. State and in my 12th certi my father name is written as alkhesh while in all other doc and marksheet it is Alkesh any promblem plz plz do reply I have little time and clerk int. Is on head next wk.plz reply for sake of god.

    1. Go to court and make an affidavit , in which you have to wright the person alkhesh and alkesh are same, Go there, there are nos of type writers, they will guide you better

    2. IBPS PO -3 Protest...........


  2. Ramandeep sir interview m toffee accept krni chaiye

  3. sir i just want know to when wil be the final cut off and interview marks anounced

  4. sir i m from maharashtra belong to sc with ibps score 97 my interview held on 10th feb normal way any chances to get final selection please reply

    1. madras high court direction.clear po2 wait list or c.forward

  5. Thanx.......

    Click here to download january current affairs digest:-

    Also Download Interview Digest For IBPS Clerk-III Here:-

  6. ramandeep sir please check wthether this recruitment is correct or not,The website is

  7. i got 98 from puducherry.. cut off 73... interview was too good... please tell me the chances sir?

  8. i got 98 from puducherry.. cut off 73... interview was too good... please tell me the chances sir?

  9. hi,I attented interview in Andhra Bank,sultan bazar branch,hyderabad on 18th feb,at 8.30 a.m. in panel I..I was supposed to write an essay immediately after entering into the bank in my mother tongue(TELUGU).Then,afterwards certificates were verified.my interview was at 11.30 a.m.
    panel consist of 4 members,one female and 3 male members.
    as iam from pharmacy background,questions are:
    1.Recent deal with DR.REDDY labs?
    2.Difference b/w patent names and generic names?
    3.Different dosage forms discription?
    4.other minimum terms in pharmacy such as pharmacology,drug profile etc

    I could answer them very much confidently and accurately.All the very best for all of u.Don't worry,panel was very much supportive and friendly.

    general category,score-114.

  10. Name: Anonymous
    Date: 19/02/14 Qualification: MBA
    Time: 8:30 Am
    Document Required in Format: Call letter, Application Form, ID proof with full name, birth certificate, all marsheets and provisional/degree certificate.

    I entered the door May i come in Sir, they allow me to enter. Five panel member were sitting there 4 Man+1 woman.I say gud afternoon to all. They r busy in talking with each other that why i don't sit. Suddenly one member say sit down and i take the seat.

    M1: tell me about ur father work and family members.
    Me: i replied.
    M1: where your brother work?
    Me: I replied.
    M2: U done Mba In Hr did u aplied for specialization HR post paper?
    Me: I replied yes.
    M2: Asked me about papers in HR specialized paper?
    Me: I replied.
    M2: He asked me about Hr questions in Paper?
    Me: I replied. ( suddenly M2 says its like KBC type paper Amitabh bachan asked u questions and u tick the right one all started laughing)
    M2: worman compensation act kab pass hua?
    Me: i replied correctly. He says gud.
    M2: Trade union act kab pass hua?
    Me: i replied right that answer too.
    M2: Trade union mei kitane member ki jarurat hoti hai?
    Me; i am confused i say soory sir.
    M2: balancesheet kya hoti hai?
    Me: i replied .
    M2: letter of credit?
    Me: i replied half a answer.
    M2 commercial paper?
    Me: i say soory sir no idea.
    M3: BA mei political tha?
    Me: Yes sir.
    M3: jiladish ke karya bataiye?
    Me: not click in my mind sir.
    M3: consitution ke nirman ke tym head kaun tha?
    Me: i replied.
    M3: rajyasabha mei kitane sadasya hote hai?
    Me: i replied correct.
    M3: Rajyasabha mei kitane sadaysya president manonit karta hai?
    Me: i replied correct.
    M3: apne state se loksabha mei kitane sadasya jate hai?
    Me: i replied right.
    M3: President ki eligibility?
    Me: i replied correct.
    M2: if u hve to work in rural area and u have a target to open certain number of account how u pitch?
    Me: i replied.
    M4: what is nationalization?
    Me: i replied.
    M4: why nationalisation done?
    Me: i replied.
    M4: what is pledge?
    Me: i replied.
    Now after so much questions they say u can go. I say thank you to all. It was very stressfull time. Bt for clerical interview study ur graduation and pg subject both. Questions can be come from anywhere. Best of luck to everyone.

  11. i got 98 from puducherry... cut off was 73... anybody share my chances

  12. Sir, kya ibps pannel clerical3 interview me kisi candidate ko fail kr sakti hai? Please reply...

  13. karnataka cat - gen, score 79 any chance

  14. my clerical interview experience
    Name: Gudala Pradeep Kumar
    Venue: Andhra Bank staff training college,nanakramguda,hyderabad
    State: Andhra Pradesh
    Interview Date:18/02/2014 at 8:30am
    Panel Number: 7
    Ibps Score: 126

    I reached the centre by 8:00 am in the morning.They allowed us at 8:30 am.
    Certificate verification started at 9:00 am. Before certificate verification they asked us to write an essay in telugu. they gave four topics to check our knowledge in local language.
    I was 19th person in the list and my verification completed by 11:30 and interview started at 12:30

    I entered into the room politely after taking their permission.

    There are 4 members in the panel(3 male members and 1 female)

    After entering the room, they offered me the seat before wishing them only they asked the first question to introduce myself.
    ANS: I gave the answer
    m1:what is NDTS?
    ans:net demand time liabilities.

    m2:chief minister of jammu and kashmir?(concentrated only on cm's)i think he is panel head
    ans: i said i could not recollect sir
    they said that his father is also chief minister
    but i could not recollect the answer
    then he said u know farooq abdullah.he is his son
    but i could not answer then m1 said omar abdullah is cm of jammu

    m3:stood up and went to wash room and he did not turn up during the full interview

    m4: she was just observing me.

    m1:what is crr?present value
    ans: i answered well

    m2:what is slr?present value
    ans: i answered it well

    m2:what is difference between both of them?
    ans: i said it well

    m2: who is the cm of tamilnadu?
    ans:i told

    m1:wat is plastic money?
    ans: i told debit card,credit card,atm etc.,

    m2:wat is the difference between debit and credit card?
    ans:i told..

    m1: wat is cad?
    ans:i answered

    m1:wat is present cad?
    ans:44 billion us dollars

    m1: wat is gdp?

    m1:present gdp growth?
    ans:4.9% (since budget was released on the before day he asked me the values)

    m2:chief minister of maharshtra?
    ans: i could not answer he told me the answer

    m2:cm of west bengal?
    ans: answered

    m2:cm of rajasthan?
    ans: i could not get full name.i said some raje sir.they gave me a hint by saying vasu.......then i said vasundara raje.

    m1:wat is your father?
    ans: i said he is a bank employee and they asked some questions on that bank and i managed to answer.

    m2:he asked finally who is the chief minister of ap?
    ans: i said nallari kiran kumar reddy.

    m3: wat is your ibps score?
    ans: i told.

    m2 said u can leave
    i said thank you sir and i came out

    this is my interview experience.please rate my interview and say me my chance of getting selected.thank you


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