IBPS PO III result in first week of April

Today IBPS gave a strong reaction to the PO II controversy going on in Delhi. IBPS made clear that PO III result will be declared in first week of April. IBPS remained silent on the issue of PO II candidates. 

As I have explained in my previous post that IBPS PO II candidates can't go to court as they don't have any kind of proof which states that all candidates who appeared in interviews will be selected. Further I have explained in the previous post that IBPS selection process clearly states that IBPS don't guarantee allotment to candidates who qualify for interview. 

The only reason reason IBPS delayed PO III result is the controversy that PO II candidates have created. 

Don't ask me the source as nobody wants reveal his/her name. You can call on IBPS helpline, now they are clearly saying that allotment will be in first week of April.

Best of luck

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