IBPS Selection Process which is against PO II candidates

Published on Monday, February 17, 2014
Lets have a look at recruitment process of IBPS , after understanding this we will have more insight on why the demands of PO2 agitating people are not fair .

To understand this first we need to know how IBPS works.  

  • First a candidate applies for a common written examination of all the nationalized banks. 
  • After that he appears in the examination of 200 marks consisting of 5 sections i.e. QA, Reasoning , GA , English and Computer. One has to clear all the sections in order to qualify the written exam. 
  • Now if he clears the written exam he gets “Provisionally” selected by IBPS for Interview. Provisionally means that appearing in Interview does not guarantee selection. Interview is of 100 marks. Every candidate is evaluated out of 100 marks. 
  • Now comes the main part where IBPS makes sure that everyone is getting a fair chance and least outside impact lies on the results. IBPS takes the weightage in ratio of 80:20 respectively of written and interview marks. 
  • To explain above scenario here is an example. Suppose someone scored 100 out of 200 in a written exam and 70/100 in interview. Now what IBPS will do is that written marks will be converted to a total of 80 which means now a candidate has a weighted score of 40 marks in written and likewise when interview marks are converted to a total of 20 it will become 14. Now 40+14 = 54. This is the final score of a candidate after Interview and written 54 out of 100. 
  • After that IBPS selects candidates starting from the highest marks and stops selecting candidates when the vacancies are filled out. Thus If the highest scoring candidate has a combined score of 70/100 and IBPS has 20,000 vacancies to fill then It might happen that all the vacancies are filled and the last candidate has a combined score of 55/100. 
  • Now the person who has 54/100 he is 1 mark short from selection even though he cleared the written and interview however his performance was not good enough to crack the cut off. If anyone from the selected candidates leave the job or don’t wish to join it then on those vacant seats IBPS calls the rest of the candidates again starting from the highest scorer out of them. So now the candidate who has scored 54/100 might or might not get in. 
  • So clearing the combined cutoff guarantees you a job not just clearing the written and interview. This is the main point which everyone knows even the candidates sitting on the protest. Anyone can go and ask this from them. They are not giving the whole picture to the media and people who are unaware of the selection procedure. IBPS has already given approximately 28,000 jobs to selected candidates who cleared the cut-off. 
The candidates who are protesting that IBPS has cheated them and not providing them job are those who could not secure enough marks to clear the combined cut-off. So how can they possibly ask for a job without even clearing the cut-off.
Same procedure was followed by the IBPS in recruiting Clerks in nationalized banks. Many people including me cleared the written and interview but could not clear the final cut off of combined score but they are not protesting to get a job because they know It is not legally right and everything was made clear by the IBPS before the selection procedure started.
I am  thankful to Abhinav Nigam, a regular reader of this blog helped me in writing this post

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