PO II candidates Pleading to President for Mercy Killing

Published on Saturday, February 22, 2014
After failed on legal grounds and protests, A group IBPS PO II candidates sent a letter to Honorable President of India Mr Pranab Mukherjee. In this letter these candidates are pleading for "Mercy Killing"!

Today I am not going to curse or blame anything on these candidates but I am unable to they are trying to do. I am not sure that whether any of them can really die for a PO job. 

Here is the letter sent by IBPS PO candidates to President of India

mercy killing IBPS

First of all let me tell you that Dileep Bhatt is not leading this group. He is just a petitioner in a case against IBPS and there are dozens of cases against IBPS. Dileep Bhatt is regularly commenting on this website and trying to prove his point. I already offered him to write his opinion in a proper post and send it to me. 

Persons mentioned in the above letter are leading this group. Their leader Deepak Kumar appearing for various exams since 2009 but never passed. For the first time he passed in IBPS PO II but never got allotment. He badly need this job but the means he is trying to adopt are baseless.  

In the above letter, these candidates mentioned that instead of giving jobs to 18000 candidates in waiting list, IBPS  conducted POIII exam although validity of their score is 31-03-2014. They have a strong point, as per notification of IBPS PO II, score of PO II candidates are still valid then how they conducted PO III exam. 

From my observations and research I concluded that it was the fault of IBPS. Validity of PO II scores and PO III interview dates are clashing. This is the only reason that IBPS won't declare result of PO III till 31 March. Till now President haven't replied to this letter. I don't think IBPS or Mr. President going to reply or help these students. 

Guys this is just another job, grow up there are endless opportunities in the job market. I promise to help all of you.

Can I help you?

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