Why demands of IBPS PO II candidates are Illegal

Published on Sunday, February 16, 2014
In my previous post I shared that IBPS PO II candidates are protesting against IBPS in front of Rahul gandhi's house .I am writing this article to clear any doubts and give you the other side of story .

IBPS takes PO exam every year to recruit officers in public sector banks . To understand this dilemma created by PO2 candidates we will go in history and see what happened in PO 1 . More than 1 lakh aspirants qualified written test but there was no common interview so a redundancy of candidates happened which leads to only toppers getting selected in multiple banks . The process had loop holes which leads to many posts remained vacant and IBPS passed those posts to PO2 .(which were actually for PO1 ) .Then IBPS conducted PO2 in next year .

PO2 :In PO2 for first time common interview was conducted . IBPS declared vacancies for PO2 --22415 vacancies .Also in The Interview notification it was written that merely being successful in interview does not guarantee a job and a merit list will be prepared .

PFB snapshot :
protest by IBPS PO II candidates

My dear agitating friends either forget to read it or they take people for fools .

IBPS has best practice in evaluation as far as i know .There are so many organisations which does not declare any marks and conduct whole recruitment .

IBPS never assured job to all or ever said that upcoming vacancies will be merged to these 22415 rather they stated time and again that only for those vacancies for which people refuse to join and remain vacant a subsequent allotment will be done .

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protest by IBPS PO II
My dear agitating candidates again forgot to read this or either they are trying to encash election times .IBPS is doing a great service to society by providing jobs in these difficult times to aspirants like you and me but these people driven by their petty selfishness trying to malign the image of organisation and creating roadblocks for further recruitments . IBPS roughly gives jobs to more than 50000 people per year with PO -CLERK –SO- RRB combined .

Now the sympathy wave : Normally people not knowing these facts will think they(PO2 aspirants ) have cleared exam and interview they must be given jobs which is indeed not true and is twisted fact . PO 2 agitating candidates are asking PO 3 vacancies to be filled from PO2 waiting list . Is it even logical ? It is like last year IAS candidates or CAT passed candidates or AIEEE passed candidates saying dont conduct exam next year rather fill vacancies form us .IBPS conducts exam on behalf of 19 Public Sector Banks and people called for interview may join or may not join . To over come this IBPS call people in 1:3 for interview as every other organisation does so .

IBPS added interview scores to written scores in ratio of 80:20 and based on merit , allotted jobs to 22000 candidates . Many people did not joined due to various reasons (approx 4000 ) IBPS published second list , and third list . So over all 28000 jobs offered against 22000 announced vacancies .(as declared in various newspapers and final list uploaded on 9th Feb .

I have kept all facts in front of you now you decide isn't the demand of filling PO3 seats from PO2 people is driven by lust and selfish needs ? Think over it .

Clerical , Specialist Officer all other seats are filled in same way . But only PO2 people are agitating why ? May be they weren't able to clear PO3 . Or May be they want to use elections as an escape route . They have written in banners don't waste our hard work . I want to say the hardworking people have already got jobs or cleared PO3 or other exams or are preparing for upcoming exams .What you are doing is creating roadblocks for 57000 PO3 qualified candidates who are waiting for interview scores and allotments .

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