How I cracked IBPS PO Twice

Published on Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Here I am going to discuss some strategies for bank exams. This is out of my own experience only and not based on any book, coaching institute etc.

First things first,

While filling application form of clerk, one should not mention his/her master’s degree as banks are of the view that having more qualified people as clerks is not in their favour as ultimately these people are going to switch to better jobs. So it is best according to me to not mention your professional master’s degree. How ever m.a. , msc can be mentioned .

Please never mention if you are a b.e.d,, m.ed. Because everyone knows that teaching is a far more relaxing job than a bank clerk, so the interviewers will think that you are going to switch to teaching at the first opportunity you get.
A professional masters degree is desirable for po but candidates having professional degrees like law,, mca , mba should prepare their answer well for the interview as they always ask about you not being inclined towards being a specialist officer.

Prepare well for two sections namely English and computer. These are two subjects which allow one to score very high marks. For English , one can easily prepare by reading newspaper daily and by looking for meaning in a dictionary and remembering those words. (coaching pe hajaro spend krte hain lekin newspaper pe ¾ rs na kharchna samajhdaari nahi. Is se hmaari vocabulary strong hoti hai, new words seekhte hain, coaching ke mukaable kahin jyaada)

Now it is these words from where one can also learn he antonyms and synonyms.

For computer section , only topic by topic learning works. Once we have finished a topic convincingly, only then we should move to the next topic.

Reasoning and quantitative aptitude section are also important but this can be overcome with practising for 2/3 hours.

There is neither a magic wand in the hands of coaching institutes nor they have jadoo ki pudiya. If you are not working hard yourself, you cannot expect to solve these sections. The tutors only provide study materials and guidance, the hard work is up to us.

I cleared the po exam twice without ever joining any coaching institute. This time , I have been allotted a bank too.

I am not against any coaching institute but most of these institutes don’t teach the value of hard work. Ultimately the success boils down to the hard work we have put in.

For descriptive paper my advice is to work on your handwriting and grammar. Write fewer lines but writing should be legible and grammatically correct . If you are weak in English, it makes perfect sense to write very few lines (gaaggar mein saagar bhar de.) As it will avoid grammatical mistakes.

Keep your calm during the exam. Always eat , drink & relieve yourself before exam. There is no point in wasting time for things like drinking water and requesting examiner to let you go to the washroom. I have calculated that if we know exact answers to gk questions than more than 5 questions can be attempted in the time one drinks a glass of water and hands it over to the peon. I am saying so because exam this time was online. And see, no body dies of dehydration just because they did not have water for 2 hours. So keep these distractions at bay.

Once you are finished with the exam , take rest for 3-4 days and then start preparing for next exam. Even if one fails in an exam there is no point in indulging in stupid activities like court cases as some people do. That is a waste of time and money. I cleared po2 but could not get into any list but i never joined any protest. I continued my preparation and prepared better for the interview than the last time. If we can’t convince them that we are going to stay with the bank, they are not going to give us the job. That’s what i could not do the last time. But this time i prepared well enough for my interview and got selected..

Best of luck and keep working hard….

If mr. Raman allows me to do so i will also upload full text of my interview

This article is written by John Walpole.

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