SBI PO Sample Essay - Paid Media and it's Impacts

Media is the mirror of our society which delivers economic and political transparency through various channels like online, print and electronic. These days, there is huge impact of paid news which distracts people’s thought. 

Corporate houses and public relation agencies are also using paid news to promote their products and services; which are examples of paid news. But, sometime aid news is making bad impact on the society. Due to this, credibility of media houses has decreased. 

Impacts of paid media

  • Decrease in credibility of various media channels
  • Conflict of news and facts in various media channels. Each channel will be showing different facts.
  • Lack of useful and informative content
  • Promotion of health hazardous products like tobacco
  • Bad impact of thought process of children
In my opinion, there should be strict laws and public awareness to improve the transparency in the media houses. Also public relation agencies and media houses shouldn't promote health hazardous products. Media should also recognize that what they are doing and what’s its impact over the society. Therefore media houses should take responsibility that they are reliable and help the society by means of various channels.

How to impact of paid media can be reduced
It is a known fact that media houses need money to survive and grow. So, paid news can't be eliminated. 

Here are ways to eliminate bad impacts of paid news

  • Mention that a news is paid
  • Informative content is more important than paid content
  • No media house should take money to recommend a product or service. If they are taking money then they should reveal it properly.
  • Never mix paid news with other sections.  
This essay is part of SBI PO descriptive paper samples series.

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  1. I have read your essays. I have found grammetical mistakes in them. I would like to draw your attention to the use of 'Its' and "It's". Both carries different sense. You have used "it's" instead of 'its' in many sentences.

    1. you have spelling mistake .the correct spelling of grammetical is grammatical


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