SBI PO Essay - Justify huge expenses on Election Campaigns

Published on Tuesday, May 13, 2014
In a series to provide SBI PO descriptive essay writing samples today I am writing an article on Huge expenses on election campaigns.

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2014 Loksabha elections opened eyes of masses. Everybody is waiting for change in political mindset and change in our system. Do you know how much these political parties spent on election campaigns.

Role of Election Campaigns

  • Brings national awareness, makes public it is their national duty to vote.
  • Gives an opportunity to candidates to show their manifesto.
  • Let public to explore their options

Positive impacts of election campaigns

  • More people comes out to vote
  • Basic purpose of an election campaign is to provide information about a candidate and his future plans in development of his constituency.
  • It brings national awareness

Negative impacts of election campaigns

  • Money is originally invested by corporate houses. They will take out the profit either by hook or crook.
  • Fake promises made by politicians which misguides common man
  • Caste based politics divides people into groups and give birth to riots.
  • Banners and posters of politicians used during campaigns pollutes the cities.
All in all Election campaigns have positive and negative impacts. Although Election Commission laid a strong set of rules but many politicians break these for their benefits. In this Loksabha elections, we saw huge expenditure on election campaigns. Newspapers, TV, Sign-board and internet was full of ads of political parties. Although election campaigns provides awareness to voters but all the political parties should adhere to rules laid by Election commission of India.

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