SBI PO Essay Writing Sample - Unemployment in India:

Published on Tuesday, May 13, 2014
India as a developing country is confronting many issues and unemployment is one of the dangerous issue which directly affects political, economical, educational and social growth of the country.

Some twenty-one percent of India’s population is between the age of 18-25 i.e., who complete their education and are coming out for employment. Our government is not in a position to offer employment for this twenty-one percent every year. So year by year unemployment rate is increasing.

Our country is set to be progressing by leaps and bounds in the issue of the economy, but this progress is low sided that the net results are the abrupt gain in the figure of unemployed. The unemployment rate in India has recorded an increasing trend since 2011 when it was 3.5 percent. The same rose to 3.6 percent in 2012 and climbed to 3.7 percent in 2013. Going by ILO's (International Labor Organization) latest estimates, India's jobless rate could be 3.8% this year. 

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Some of the primary reasons of unemployment: 

High population growth

Unemployment is the result of overpopulation because overpopulation is defined as a condition where a country’s human population exceeds the carrying capacity of its environment.In this case the population is more than the amount of available or needed jobs.


A period of temporary economic decline, during which trade and industrial activity are brought down. Many businesses will be in deficit due to low productivity levels and as such they will be forced to close their doors. In effect, many persons will lose their job, hence raising unemployment levels.


When there is inflation in the economic system. There is a boost in prices, hence there is a decline in the demand of goods and services and the consumer stop producing making many workers unemployed


Corruption is another most Looks like a few more people will soon be out of work for a bit. An eligible candidate could not get jobs while an ineligible candidate gets the job by bribe.

Disability to do the job

We are only learning, but not implementing. Lack of particle knowledge is one reason after education, we didn't get the job. 

In modern times English has become more important for the business. In many cases a good student having good technical knowledge didn't get a job because of his/her weak English.

New Technologies

As new technologies are increasing, more and more people are facing unemployment problem. A single computer is performing the work of a team. This is the frame of unemployment, which happens during prosperous times when companies can afford to invest in new technologies.

Some effects of unemployment are Low economic growth, emotional and mental stress, a person can also get demoralized, Higher income inequalities and disparities leading to nothing but poverty. 

Remedies And Solutions to unemployment :-

  • The main remedy lies in the Rapid Industrialization. 
  • The need of faster economic growth to generate more jobs. 
  • The need for improvements in the education and training provided to the youths with a greater focus on vocational skills and self employment. 
  • The Government support to struggling industries is necessary to save jobs. 
  • Cuts in real wages are also a way to help in reducing the problem of unemployment. 
  • Promoting education, especially female education and motivating people to have small families. 
The problem of unemployment is a really a very dangerous and ticklish problem. Unemployment check is very necessary and needed to be removed from all.

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