Sure Shot GK questions for Postal Assistant Exam

Published on Monday, May 05, 2014
Must check these repetitive questions that have been seen in postal assistant exam of every circle.

- Which of these are unicameral states ?
a) Bihar
b) Maharashtra
c) Karnataka
d) Kerala

Ans - Kerala

Ques - "Teaser Loans" term is famous for :-
a) House loans
b) Personal Loans
c) Education loans
d) Business loans

Ans - House loans

Ques - Which is the largest sugarcane producing country in the world ?
a) India
b) China
c) Brazil
d) USA

Ans - Brazil

Ques - Which of these is not a Central government tax ?
a) Income tax
b) Custom duty
c) Entertainment tax
4) Service tax

Ans - Entertainment tax

Ques - Who is responsible to collect service tax ?
a) Income tax department
b) Postal department
c) Excise department
d) State taxation department

Ans - Excise department

Ques - Which is the shortest day in the northern hemisphere ?
a) June 21
b) December 21
c) December 22
d) June 18

Ans - December 21

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