4 Tips to follow during SBI PO exam

Published on Monday, June 02, 2014
Today I am going to share 4 tips you must follow if you are going to appear for SBI PO 2014. I am sharing few good and bad experiences. So here are the tips :-

Give up your Ego

Now a days 20-25% questions in PO exams are very difficult. SBI PO 2013 was really easy but I expect SBI PO 2014 will be bit difficult. Many candidates stick to a Data interpretation or Sitting arrangement set. For example a candidate shared his exam experience with me, he spent 20 minutes on a single set. At the end he solved 3 questions from a set and thenYeaaaaaaa !!!

He satisfied his Ego. 

Wait a second. How you are going to solve remaining 45 questions within 15 minutes. Be quick. Your parents and girlfriend is expecting a lot from you. Her father is looking for a well settled guy. That call center
job sucks!!! Why working as a customer care executive after completing Engineering. 

Ooops!!! Time over. Mr Engineer attempted merely 15 20 questions from Data interpretation that too with 80% accuracy (That's what he expect, actual accuracy will be less than 50% :p )

So I suggest all of you give up your ego. If you find a DI set very difficult, skip it. It's time to solve another set.

Don't fall in love with a particular section

Many times candidates fall in love with a particular section. For example one of my friend who is teacher in a reputable coaching institute in Delhi, scored 34 out of 40 in English section of IBPS PO III but he failed in Quantitative aptitude. He scored 4 mark in Quantitative aptitude. He scored 83 while failing in Quantitative Aptitude. When I asked him the reason behind this blunder, he told me that he gave just 15 minutes to Quantitative aptitude section as he is weak in this section and didn't want to waste his precious time on it. He planned to invest those 15 minutes on English. 

Wow !!! What a plan.

We argued for a long time. I suggested him to attempt Quantitative aptitude first as he is weak in it but he said it will badly impact his motivation. Then I decided to prove my words. I asked him to take a full length test on Testpanda.com and asked him devote time scientifically.

Here is plan I suggested him :-

1) Attempt Quantitative aptitude first - 40 minutes
2) GA and Marketing - 15 minutes
3) English - 30 Minutes
4) Reasoning - 35 minutes

He scored 129. It was unbelievable. He was struggling to cross 90 but now he scored 129.

I hope everybody got my point. 

Don't hate any section

Many candidates hate quantitative aptitude or English section. They try to attempt their selected section (which they hate) at last. Most of the time they devote 20-25 to that section as they are unable to solve much questions from this section. Do you think you are going to crack this section.

Doubtful !!!

Answer is No. Even if you crack section cutoff, there is very low probability to crack final cutoff which is increasing every where. How you going to score 120 out 200 while scoring just 10-12 in one section ?

Concentrate on your own screen

Don't try to look at others screen. Never bother about how many questions your friend attempted who is sitting next to you. There is possibility that he use to attempt 200 questions with 50% accuracy. He is going to fail. Why are you trying to match his/her speed !!!

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