My experience of joinig as a Clerk in PNB in Punjab

Published on Monday, July 28, 2014
My name is Kanwar Pal Singh. I am from Nawanshahr, a B.E Computer Science engr from Thapar Univ., 2011. I have shared with you on your website my exam experience of IBPS IT officer Scale 1 earlier too. I want to share 1 more article with you. Please publish it on your website so people get some news about the number of people joining and some information about work involved.

I would like to share some news with you. I have joined PNB in Punjab this week as a clerk. PNB called IBPS clerk-3 qualified students in 2 batches in Punjab till now. More batches will be announced soon as it is written on PNB website as clerk joining is scheduled in phases.

1st batch joined on 21st July 2014 in which 180 people were called (from all type of categories) and 2nd batch is to join on 4th Aug 2014 in which 130 people have been called. PNB has 7 circles in Punjab. I got Hoshiarpur circle. In it there were 27 vacancies for 1st batch students. I want to say that only 10 of us joined.

So there are 17 unfilled vacancies. These vacancies are sure to go to people in reserve list. And I think there will be massive no. of vacancies even after 2nd allotment as people joining as clerk are relatively very young. 7 of us were in age group of 21-24 and rest 3 were 28+. And these 7 of us are all preparing for other better exams and have joined for the time being and are sure to quit soon as I can say whenever they get something better. The general category students are very less in number of joining. Most of the people joining are from reserved categories. And all of us have been given rural branches as our 1st posting where we will be spending the first 2 yrs of our banking career except one only girl who joined with us and she got city posting but that was also temporary posting.

We have not got any training till now. This is the 1st time that we joined our respective branches without training. Earlier training was given on joining itself. Training will be given in last week of Aug in Ludhiana and is of 1 week only as we were told.

For clerks there are 779 vacancies in PNB in Punjab as advertised by IBPS. And I would like to add one more point. The aptitude of a person remains almost the same over a period of time. Yes, it can be increased by practice. But taking the same exam again and again (with almost the same difficulty level) does not solve the purpose. When you already have so many qualified candidates who are from villages who do need a job and mostly Engineers and MBA's joining as clerks these days which are sure to quit soon it doesn't makes sense to conduct the exam again and again every year. IBPS has become a money making machine this way. First fill the vacancies properly. Its not at all required that you come up with exam notification every year. If that is so then atleast increase the validity of the score card up to 2 years.

Regarding job in bank I would say that salary is very less for clerks. You only get around Rs. 14,500 and around Rs. 2000 goes in Provident Fund contribution. Clerk salaries in bank is the lowest among govt offices in India. There is lot of file work to be done. Lots of keyboard presses to be learnt. There is an age difference which you will find difficult to come to terms with as mostly the employees where you will be posted will be very senior to you. Mostly in the age group of 45-50 and above. One or two people may be a little elder to you, say by 2-5 yrs. Timing are from 9:40 to 5:30 or may increase. Lot of alertness needs to be have in a person as its matter of money and any difference at the end of the day in calculations needs to be paid from your own pocket then and there. Also a certain risk of life is also there in banks which many of us ignore but anything can happen in terms of security in a bank.

Promotions are after 2 years for SC/ST students and after 3 years by giving internal exams. If you clear JAIIB, CAIIB exam then you get some increments. Central pay commission is not valid in banks. There are Bi-partite settlements done which decide your salary which is done by a meeting between bank unions and Indian Bankers Association. The 10th Bi-partite settlement is long overdue since Nov. 2012 in banks.

One last thing which I want to add up is study the merit list of last year and of 2012 as given on IBPS website. Study the no. of vacancies. It will remain almost like that only. You can cleverly indicate your state preference. Most of the states are hindi speaking. And you won't find much trouble in first few years as we are young and ready to accommodate. Bank preference can be given after some study on banks. Go through their balance sheets as most of them have the data for previous F.Y on their site, Indian Bankers association website, the bank's own website. Some banks are in losses currently. They are going to be merged in a few years from now. So have a know about them.. You may get a different state. Please have it in mind. State posting is usually given to senior employees. You might be lucky too.

Also you can use Google maps to find the location of branches of individual banks and study their concentration in a particular area as suggested by Ramandeep Sir previously in one of his posts.

All the best to all of you for the coming exams.


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