General Awareness Quiz - 19 August 2014

Published on Tuesday, August 19, 2014
General awareness quiz for today :-

1. Supreme Court ordered the translocation of Asiatic Lions from Gir Sanctuary to
2. Tomas Halik the winner of Templeton Prize 2014 belongs to nation. 3. What is “Brazuka”?
4. The E-9 was launched in 1993, 8th E-9 was held in Abuja (Nigeria) and the 9th E-9 was held in
5. Ranji Trophy 2014 was won by
6. “The true lesson of the recession” was written by
7. Direct taxes are taken on the income whereas the indirect taxes are taken on
8. Name the States those were declared as Nirmal States
9. World longest plantform is
10. In annual Asian Awards, “Philanthropist of the year” award was given to
11. As per Global Hunger Index (GHI) India ranks at ……
12. India’s Astrsat will be launched for study of stars whereas Aditya will be launched for the study of …..
13. ONGC Nehru Hockey Tournament was won by
14. What is the requirement to become the Leader of Opposition in the Parliament as per Constitution of India?
15. How much amount has been declared by Walmart in USA’s Senate for Lobbying in India?


1. Kuno Palpur Sanctuary (MP)
2. Czechoslovakia
3. Name given to Ball in 2014 FIFA Cup, Brazil
4. New Delhi
5. Karnataka from Maharashtra by 7 wickets
6. Raghu Ram Rajan
7. Transactions
8. Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh
9. Gorakhpur (length 1355.4 metre) earlier was Kharagpur Railway Station (1072.5 metre)
10. Narayana Murthy
11. 65th (out of total nations 79)
12. Sun
13. Indian Oil from Bharat Petroleum
14. 10% of total strength i.e. 55
15. $25mn (Rs.125 Crore)

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