General Awareness Quiz - 29 August

Published on Friday, August 29, 2014
General Awareness quiz for today


1. FCNR (B) deposit rates are

2. What is the other name of Universal Health Coverage? 3. Period of realisation and repatriation for exporters changed from 12 months to

4. How much was given by World Bank to NERPL (North East Rural Livelihoods Projects)?

5. Name the place known as Mecca of Cricket

6. As per Registrar General Annual Report, onn MMR (Maternal Mortality Rate), the best performing States are

7. What is AMA Jangal Yojana

8. India’s 1st Monorail was started in Mumbai in between

9. Which nation has released World’s largest ever swarm of genetically modified mosquito (Franken-Skeeter) to combat dengue?

10. The 1st IIFA in 2000 was held in London whereas the 14th IIFA was held in

11. In Global manufacturing competitiveness Index China stands at 1st, whereas India stands at

12. Shikhar Dhawan made the fastest century (Debutant) in 85 balls and broke the world record of

13. In Sepak Takraw World Super Series played at Delhi, India won ….

14. Name the sector which has attracted the largest of FDI ….

15. Jallikattu (Bull fighting) game has been banned by Supreme Court belongs to __________ state


1. Plus LIBOR 4% on deposit 3 to 5 years
2. Jan Swasthya Abhiyaan
3. 9 months
4. $ 130mn
5. Eden Garden in Kolkata
6. Kerala and Tamilnadu
7. To enhance forest cover area in Odisha
8. Wadala and Chembur
9. Brazil
10. Macau
11. 2nd
12. Dwayne Smith 93 balls
13. Bronze Medal
14. Services 21.52%
15. Tamil Nadu

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