General Awareness Quiz for 30 August

Published on Saturday, August 30, 2014
General awareness quiz for today 


1. In Asia Cup Hockey Tournament 2013, the Fair Play Trophy was given to

2. What has been done for the Foreign Banks?
3. Taking up the literacy level from 64% to 80% by 2017 and 100% literacy in 365 low literacy districts are the main features of …. Mission

4. India has declared Cyprus as

5. What is the purpose of Newton Liquid Engine in Mangalyann?

6. Who has won US PGA Player of the year award for the 11th time?

7. India has withdrawn the subsidy of Gas and Kerosene from ….

8. External debts as on 31st March 2013 were ….

9. From April 1, Banks can charge different rates of interest on bulk deposits Rs.1 Crore and above earlier this limit was ….

10. As on 31st March 2014, oil imports were of $167.62bn whereas Gold and Silver imports were of

11. Why open SSL software was in news?

12. Name two famous audit reports of Mr. Vinod Rai ….

13. The Head Office of the Bhartiya Mahila Bank was opened in

14. Azure is the cloud application platform of microsoft whereas Meghraj is the cloud application platform of ….

15. After Ranji Trophy win, Karnataka won Irani Trophy from


1. Japan
2. Permitted to change from the Branch Mode to the Wholly Owned Subsidiaries
3. Saakshar Bharat Mission
4. Notified Jurisdictional Area (to check the tax avoidance)
5. To raise or down the orbit placement
6. Tiger Woods
7. Bhutan
8. $390bn ($345.5bn in 2012)
9. Rs.15 Lac
10. $33.46bn (last year was $55.79bn)
11. It is inbuilt into the hardware like home routers and printers due to its deficiency heartbleed could become active
12. Coal Mines and 2 G
13. New Delhi
14. Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeiTY), India
15. Rest of India team

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