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General Awareness Quiz - 18 August

Published on Monday, August 18, 2014
From today onwards I am going to start General Awareness quiz series in which I will share 15 questions everyday.
  1. As per NSSO monthly per capital liquid milk consumption in urban areas is 5.4 litres whereas in rural areas it is ….. 
  2. Defexo 2014 (Defence Expo) was held in Delhi, the company which was barred from attending 
  3. The Panchsheel Agreement between India and China was signed in 
  4. How much compensation will be paid to the victim of acid attack? 
  5. What is the monthly bond buying limit of US Federal Reserve? 
  6. Total budget allocation for NACP IV (National AIDS Control Programme) in 5 years 
  7. Best performing State is Kerela whereas the worst performing State is ….. 
  8. India’s highest civilian award is Bharat Ratna whereas the 2nd highest is 
  9. Women Asia Cup Twenty-20 was won by 
  10. In India the highest place having the broad gauge railway station 
  11. As per RBI report, the Gross NPAs and Net NPAs of all banks as on 31st March 2013 are ….. 
  12. World T-20, ODI World Cup 2023 and Test Champion Trophy 2021 will be hosted by 
  13. COP 20 on environment will be held in Lima (Peru) and Bindign treaty will be signed in 2015 in ….. 
  14. Sachin Tendulkar is the Brand Ambassador of Royal Bank of Scotland whereas Shikhar Dhawan is the Brand Ambassador or of 
  15. The Global Human Index is based on …. 
Answers :-

1. 4 litres
2. Augsta Westland & Finmecannica
3. 1954
4. Rs.3 Lac (Rs.1 lac within 15 days and Rs.2 lac with 2 months for treatment)
5. $35bn (earlier was $45bn)
6. Rs.14295.05 Crore
7. Madhya Pradesh
8. Padma Vibhushan
9. India from Pakistan by 18 runs
10. Qazigund (J & K)
11. 3.42% & 1.4% respectively
12. India
13. Paris
14. Canara Bank
15. Education, Health, Wellness, Employment and enabling Environment

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