GA Questions asked in IBPS RRB - 6 September

Published on Saturday, September 06, 2014
Questions asked in morning shift of IBPS RRB exam today :-
  1. What is the minimum limit for RTGS 
  2. Cartoonist Pran kumar sharma who died recently was creator of – Chacha Chaudhury. 
  3. International passenger lane crashed down of which country-
  4. What is full form of CSAT - Civil Services Aptitude Test
  5. What is Capital of Bhutan – Thimphu  Bagat Sanctuary in – Uttar Pradesh. 
  6. What is a credit rating agency? A company rate a debtor's ability to pay back debt by making timely
  7. Who is the External affairs minister – Sushma Swaraj
  8. Currency of Italy – Euro.
  9. World Habitat Day – October 6.
  10. Current CRR – 4%.
  11. Rural population as per 2011 census – 68.84%.
  12. Children under 10 cannot hold which account – Current account. 
  13. Recently which author won Padma award ?
  14. How much railway line is promised by railway minister?
  15. In which state Mettur Dam is situated ? - Tamilnadu
  16. Sania Mirza is the ambassador of which state - Telangana
  17. What is basic function of Banking Ombudsman ?
  18. What is the basic function of KYC -  To verify the identity of customers

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