GA Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Exam - 23-September (Morning Shift)

Published on Tuesday, September 23, 2014
General awareness questions asked in RBI Assistant Exam today


  1. Who won Best actor award in Filmfare – Farhan Akhtar
  2. Who is the author of Revolution 2020 : Chetan Bhagat
  3. Kudankulam power station: Tamil Nadu
  4. Who is Rural Cabinet Minister – Nitin Gadkari
  5. Najma Heptulla is the minister of : Minority affairs Ministry
  6. Railway link joining Jammu and Srinagar -  Baramulla
  7. Who is Law and Justice Minister – Ravi Shankar prasad
  8. What is the full form UFCE - Unhedged Foreign Currency Exposure-Clarifications
  9. Novak Djokavik defeated which player in Wimbledon Men's Singles final: Roger Federer
  10. Finance ministry ordered which kind audit for Syndicate and Dena bank? Forensic
  11. Minimum pension to be paid to pensioners : Rs1000
  12. Who won Oscar for best director – Alfonso Cuaron
  13. What is the full form of FRBM - Fiscal Responsibility and. Budget Management
  14. Mohiniattam dance belongs to which state - Kerala
  15. Windhoek is capital of- Namibia
  16. Who is the CEO of Infosys – Vishal Sikkha
  17. Begam Praveen won Padma Bhushan for which category-singer
  18. What is the Income tax exemption limit for senior citizens: 3 lakh
  19. Shillong is situated in : Meghalaya
  20. What is the full form ARC – Asset Reconstruction Company
  21. Palace of winds is situated in which city -  Jaipur
  22. Mamta Pujari belongs to which sport : Kabaddi
  23. FDI in Defence raised from 26% to -49%
  24. Currency of Pakistan is – Pakistani Rupee
  25. Anti Tobacco Day: 31st May

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