General Awareness Quiz for 10 September

Published on Wednesday, September 10, 2014
General awareness quiz for today :-


1. When is considered there is a no capital gain on equity, bonds and stocks?

2. In 66th Cannes Film Festival the Palme d’ or award for best film was given to ….

3. “Operation Oliver” to save Olive Ridley sea Turtles was done by
4. Name the Head of panel on Sethusamundram Project – Ram Sethu

5. The Largest Oil Producer in Asia is ….

6. Name the two institute those get the licence to open new banks.

7. Name the 1st state of India where minimum 150 days employment has been sanctioned under MGNREGS.

8. BCIM-Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar Economic Corridor will run thru

9. PRISM is related to USA whereas the CMS (Centralized Monitory System) is related to ….

10. In the World 2nd largest Mobile Subscribers are in India, whereas in Indian States the largest Mobile Subscribers are in

11. Who has become the fastest century scorer in ODI, 1st in India and 7th in the World?

12. In ICC Annual Awards – Sir Garifield Sobers Trophy is given to ICC cricketer of the year whereas Sir David Shepherd Trophy is given to ….

13. 2014 Knight Grand Cross highest civilian honour of Britain was given to

14. In the Commonwealth Chess Championship, Abhijeet Gupta won from

15. India’s 1st defence communication satellite GSAT – 7/INSAT – 4F is named as

16. 17th SAARC was held in ….

17. India’s main resource for nuclear fuel is ….

18. Name the oldest lady who has won the French Open and US Open

19. Name the policy released in the Indian Science Congress

20. How many articles are proposed in the new WPI as per Soumitra Chaudhari Committee?

21. What is India’s rank in Global Innovation Index 2013?

22. In China Open Tennis Tournament, Novak Djokovic won from

23. As per EIU (Economic Intelligence Unit) survey 2013 the most expensive city is Tokyo whereas the cheapest city is

24. Who is known as the father of Indian Radar Research and Development?

25. Name the 1st company in the Multi Brand Retails?


1. When sold after 1 year with profit
2. Blue is the warmest colour
3. Odisha
4. Dr.R.K. Pachauri
5. Kazakhstan
6. IDFC & Bandhan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
7. Andhra Pradesh
8. Kolkata to Kunming (China) with a highway thru Bangladesh and Myanmar
9. India
10. 1st U.P., 2nd Tamil Nadu and 3rd in Maharashtra
11. Virat Kohli
12. ICC Umpire of the Year
13. Ratan Tata
14. G. Akash
15. Rukmini
16. Addu City (Maldives)
17. Thorium
18. Serena Williams
19. The Science, Tech & Innovation Policy-2013
20. 1200 (earlier were 676 articles)
21. 66th out of total 142
22. Rafael Nadal
23. Mumbai
24. Dr.Ramdas P. Shenoy
25. TESCO Plc (U.K. based)

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