General Awareness Quiz for 12 September

Published on Friday, September 12, 2014
General Awareness quiz for today.

Questions :-

1. The world largest Bitcoin exchange is ….

2. The new Army Chief after General Bikram Singh is
3. What is OROP (One Rank One Pension)

4. Any writing work of Govind Mishra (Saraswati Samman winner 2013) is

5. 1st fighter aircraft base in South India for most lethal aircraft SU-30MKI is at

6. Survival International has launched a “Travel Boycott of India” for the place of

7. Which place of India has been declared by UNESCO as World Biosphere Reserve?

8. Name the organisation that has upheld India’s Right to divert the Kishan Ganga (Neelam in Pak) water for power generation.

9. What is the need of Leader of Opposition (LoP)?

10. As per Planning Commission of India the Below Poverty Line (BPL) people are 21.92% whereas by MC Kinsey Global Institute are ….

11. In the Rice Production the Largest is China whereas the 2nd largest is ….

12. World Largest producer of Uranium is ….

13. India and Pakistan International Trade Fair was held in ….

14. Skimming is Duplicating/Cloning of Cards whereas Phishing is ….

15. 98th Pulitzer Prize-2014 was given to (poetry category)

16. Name the 1st Test Batsman of India who scored 10000 runs ….

17. In 44th IFFi-Special Jury Award was given to Thou Gild (Turkish Film) whereas the Life Time Achievement Award was given to ….

18. In COP 19 (Warsaw) the main concern of G-77+China a group of 133 developing nations was

19. Boko Haram has abducted 276 school girls in Nigeria from a school of

20. What is Sepaktakraw?

21. What are the foreign direct investment limits (automatic route) permitted in, single brand retailing and manufacturing respectively.

22. What was the total plan outlay for railways in railway budget 2014-15 Rs.64305 Crore, budgetary support will be

23. India’s growth in Steel Production is the 2nd highest whereas the nation having the highest growth is ….

24. India’s University for Military study (INDU-Indian National Defence University) was started at

25. Which country is having highest FDI in India?


1. Mt. Gox (Tokyo)

2. Lt. Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag

3. Retired soldiers of same rank and same length of service will receive same pension irrespective of retirement date

4. Wo Apna Chehra and Lal Peeli Zameen

5. Thanjavur

6. Andaman Island’s Human Safari

7. Nicobar Islands

8. International Court of Arbitration, Hague

9. In selection of Lokpal and in Central Vigilance Commission

10. 56%

11. India

12. Kazakhstan, 2nd is Canada

13. Jalandhar

14. Securing sensitive details over emails

15. Vijay Seshadri (famous work is Wild Kingdom)

16. Sunil Gavaskar

17. Jiri Menzel

18. Loss and Damages compensation and Global Climate Fund

19. Govt. Senior Secondary School of Chibok

20. It is a game like Volleyball, popular in South East Asia, in this 3 players are in each side

21. 100%, 24%

22. Rs.30223 Crore

23. China

24. Binola

25. 1st Mauritius, 2nd Singapore, 3rd UK

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