General Awareness Quiz for 15 September

Published on Monday, September 15, 2014
General awareness quiz for today :-

1. Name the Scheme launched by PM Narendra Modi on 15th August for the Parliamentarians.

2. Mahendra Dev Committee’s Recommendation on MGNREGA is

3. Late BKS Iyengar the Padam Vibhushan winner in 2014 wrote a book
4. Name the Minister who proposed 2015-16 as the Water Conservation Year. (2013 was also Water Conservation year)

5. Ragala Venkat Rahul is related to Weight Lifting where as Kush Kumar is related to ….

6. Name the Cricketer who has become the No.1 ICC Test All Rounder

7. The new Silk Road “One Belt & One Road” is a trade route from

8. Name the film made on the Assassination of Indira Gandhi

9. Which city has celebrated its 375th Birth Day in August 2014?

10. As the Forbes Most Powerful Women Indra Nooyi is at 13th Rank and Arundhati Bhattacharya is at 36th Rank, name the 1st Ranked woman.

11. The new Chairman of IBA (Indian Bankers Association) is

12. Name the Scheme launched by PM Narendra Modi on 15th August for Financial Inculsion Programme.

13. World’s 1st Green Temple (Eco Temple)

14. Who has been made the new Chairperson of UPSC?

15. Jal Marg Vikas a project on Ganga lies between Allhabad and

16. Name the World’s largest Naval Exercise participated by 22 nations.

17. Opening Ceremony of 20th Common Wealth Games 2014 (CWG) was held in Celtic park whereas the Closing Ceremony was held in ….

18. “One life is not enough” was written by …

19. “Not just an Accountant” was written by

20. Name the nation having the largest Market among developing nation on PPP (Public Private partnership)

21. How much was kept for 3P India?

22. The motto of 20th Common Wealth Games 2014 (CWG) was

23. Who is India’s Ambassador to World Trade Organisation (WTO) a group of 160 nations?

24. After WTO’s Bali meet (December 2013) the next meet was held in

25. Name the treay on which India did not sign/ratify on the last date of 31st July 2014


1. Sansad Aadarsh Gram Yojana

2. MGNREGA Wage Rate or Minimum Wages whichever is higher should be paid

3. Light of Yoga

4. Uma Bharati

5. Squash

6. R.Ashwin

7. Kunming to Kolkata

8. Kaum De Heere

9. Chennai

10. Angela Merkel

11. T.M. Bhasin

12. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

13. Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Kingsbury (UK)

14. Rajni Razdan (old was D.P. Agrawal)

15. Haldia

16. RIMPAC-2014

17. Hampden Park National Stadium

18. K. Natwar Singh

19. Vinod Rai (former CAG)

20. India (3P India)

21. Rs.500 Crore

22. People, Place & Passion

23. Anjali Prasad

24. Geneva (in July 2014)

25. Trade Facilitation Arrangement (TFA)

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