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General Awareness Quiz for 17 September

Published on Wednesday, September 17, 2014
General awareness quiz for today :-


1. John Kerry who visited India recently is the Foreign Minister of which Country?

2. Foreign Minister of USA is officially designated as in USA:
3. Name the village near Pune, Maharashtra that was almost swept away in a massive and slide:

4. Name the famous eminent Hindi Litterateur and novelist from Bihar who passed away recently:

5. Name the exploration rover of NASA that created a record of travelling maximum distance on Mars :

6. Government has launched a nationwide scheme by the name ______ to promote conservation and development of indigenous breeds of cows in a focused and scientific manner:

7. Name the German player who created a world record of fastest serve in the women’s tennis by serving at 131 miles per hour:

8. Recently the Nagoya Protocol was ratified by 51 countries. What is the objective of this protocol:

9. What is the total number of total medals won by India in 20th Commonwealth Games

10. India won 64 medals at the Commonwealth Games 2014. Of this how many were gold medals

11. Name the country that won highest number of medals at the Commonwealth Games 2014

12. England top the Commonwealth Games by capturing medals

13. Parupalli Kashyap became the first Indian male player in 32 years to win a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games in which sports:

14. Joshna Chinappa and Dipika Pallikal won the doubles gold medal in Commonwealth Games in which game:

15. Name the Canadian gymnast who was awarded the David Dixon Award for the best athlete of the games:

16. K.V. Chaudhary has been appointed Chairman of which important central government office:

17. Country’s first multi-sensor moored observatory IndARC was successfully deployed in Kongsfjorden Floyd in which region of the World:

18. 22nd Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavan Award has been awarded to which personality:

19. Muzaffar Ali, winner of 22nd Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award is a prominent person from which field:

20. The deadly EBOLA Virus has claimed hundreds of lives in Africa. What is the full form of EBOLA:

21. Name African region where Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone countries have been attacked by Ebola Virus:

22. In which country, the Ebola Virus was first discovered nearly four decades ago:

23. The book “The Boys in the Boat” has been written by which author:

24. What is the name of latest novel written by Chetan Bhagat

25. Modi suggested “HIT” formula for Nepal’s development. Expand the acronym HIT:


1. USA

2. Secretary of State

3. Malin Village

4. Madhukar Singh

5. Opportunity

6. Rashtriya Gokul Mission

7. Sabine Lisicki

8. Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits of genetic resources

9. 64

10. 15

11. England

12. 174

13. Badminton

14. Squash

15. Frankie Jones

16. Central Board of Direct Taxes

17. Arctic Region

18. Muzaffar Ali

19. Cinema, Film maker

20. No full form it is the name of Virus

21. West Africa

22. Congo

23. Daniel James Brown

24. Half Girlfriend

25. Highways, I-ways and Transways

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