General Awareness Quiz for 18 September

Published on Thursday, September 18, 2014
General Quiz for today :-

1. India to construct a pipeline for supply of ______ from Raxual in Bihar to Amlekhganj in Nepal

2. Name the recently appointed new Deputy Governor of the RBI

3. S.S. Mundra, has been appointed Deputy Governor of RBI for _______ years
4. Name the agreement that was objected to by India at the recent WTO meet

5. In which State of India, world highest piller railway bridge is being constructed

6. Pinkathon Delhi 2014 – a run for cause was organised in Delhi with the slogan “Each One, Kheench One” urgin all men to encourage at least one special woman in their life to run for a good cause. What was this cause:

7. RBI has reduced the statutyory liquidity ratio (SLR) of scheduled commercial banks by 50 basis points. What is the present rate of SLR:

8. Reduction of SLR by 50 basis points it expected to release Rs.______ Crore of Banks funds:

9. Name the number one ranking Golfer of the world who won the elite World Golf Championship held at Akron, USA:

10. World’s No.1 Golfer Rory Mcllroy is from which country:

11. Longtoushan, a town in Ludian county of Yunnan province of China was in news for what reasons:

12. Name the eminent Indian cartoonist famous for his popular comic characters, who passed away:

13. Name the popular comic characters created by late cartoonist Pran:

14. Which Indian Bank won the Core Banking System Initiative Award 2014 at Singapore:

15. Governor of which Indian State was recently sacked by the President for her alleged irregularities:

16. As per recent estimates from RBI, the projected GDP growth rate for year 2014-15, is around percent:

17. The Union Cabinet has cleared a historic, all new juvenile justice law under which _____ year olds who commit heinous offences such as rapes and robberies can be tried as adults:

18. Government has allowed ________ percent FDI in defence sector:

19. NikhilChandawani who recently won the “Author of the year” award in USA is also known for his works in which other fields:

20. Name the US Defence Secretary who visited India recently:

21. What is the name of the recently released controversial book by Natwar Singh:

22. The World Kabaddi League started in ________ on August 9

23. What is the objective of the proposed Bharat Bill Payment System:

24. 47th Association of Southeast Asian Nationa (ASEAN) Foreign Ministers meeting held at which place:

25. The Reserve Bank has approved the transfer of surplus (profit) amounting to Rs.526.79 billion for the year ended June 30, 2014 to ______ :


1. Petroleum products

2. S.S. Mundra

3. Three

4. Trade Facilitation Agreement

5. Manipur

6. Spreading awareness about Breast Cancer

7. 22%

8. 40,000

9. Rory Mcllroy

10. Ireland

11. It was hit by a severe earthquake

12. Pran Kumar Sharma

13. Chacha Chaudury and Sabu

14. Bharatiya Mahila Bank Ltd.

15. Mizoram

16. 5.5

17. 16 to 18

18. 49%

19. Documentary films

20. Chuck Hagel

21. One Life is not Enough

22. London

23. Centralised payment of various types of bills

24. Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

25. Government of India

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