General Awareness Quiz for 22 September

Published on Monday, September 22, 2014
General awareness quiz for today :-


1. Which animal has been selected as mascot for the Asian Games:

2. The Asian Games are which number in series

3. Name the city that is hosting the 17th Asian Games: 4. Incheon city is located in which country:

5. Governor of Kerela, Ms.Sheila Dikshit was in news for what reasons:

6. BJP veteran Kalyan Singh has been appointed Governor of which State:

7. Who has been appointed as the new governor of Maharashtra:

8. Vajubhai Vala, a senior BJP leader from Gujarat has been made Governor of which State:

9. Deputy Prime Minister of which country recently visited India to promote mutual economic and social ties:

10. Name the Deputy Prime Minister of UK who recently visited India:

11. Who is the Prime Minister of United Kingdom:

12. What is the official name of the currency of United Kingdom:

13. With which country India conducted its first ever joint Air Force exercise:

14. What is the name of the joint Air Force exercise conducted with Russia:

15. Avia Indra-2014 is being conducted in _________ region located North of the Caspian Sea:

16. Of the total 943 million telephone users of India, roughtly _____ percent are from urban area:

17. On which route India’s first sea plane service has been launched:

18. What is the title of the recent book launched by Vinod Rai, former CAG of India:

19. Ahmet Davutoglu has been appointed Prime Minister of which country:

20. India’s first Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) has been established at which place:

21. Prime Minister of India recently visited which East Asian country:

22. Which international organization h as called for a ban on the use of e-cigarattes I ndoors and its sale to children:

23. BWF World Badminton Championship was held in which country:

24. Indian domain names now can make their names with extension ______ in Devnagri Script:

25. 2018 Commonwealth Games will be hosted by which country:


1. Harbor Seals

2. 17th

3. Incheon

4. South Korea

5. She resigned from governorship

6. Rajasthan

7. C. Vidyasagar Rao

8. Karnataka

9. United Kingdom

10. Nick Clegg

11. David Cameron

12. UK Pound

13. Russia

14. Avia Indra-2014

15. Astrakhan

16. 60%

17. Mumbai-Lonavala

18. Not just an Accountant

19. Turkey

20. Shibpur, West Bengal

21. Japan

22. World Health Organization

23. Denmark (Copenhagen)

24. Bharat

25. Australia

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