General Awareness Quiz for 25 September

Published on Thursday, September 25, 2014
General Awareness quiz for today :-


1. Name the Indian who has become the first player of Indian origin to be a part of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in USA after joining the Sacramento Kings team:

2. Name of powerful typhoon that lashed Japan’s southern Okinawa islands on 8th July, forcing over half a million people to seek shelter:
3. As per India State of Forest Report (ISFR) 2013 the total forest and free cover of the country is 87.92 million hectare, which is _________ percent of the geographical area of India:

4. _________ State has the largest forest cover of 77522 square kilometer, follwed by Arunachal Pradesh, 67321 square kilometer

5. In terms of percentage, ________ state has highest cover at 90.38 percent, followed by Lakshadweep 84.56 percent:

6. Pinky Anand has been appointed to which important national post:

7. What is the function of the Additional Solicitor General:

8. Name the legandary actress from Hindi theatre and cinema who passed away recently at the age of 102 years:

9. Name the Indian Navy’s largest ever destroyer- __________ that was inducted in to service on 10th July:

10. The INS Kolkata is equipped with stealth technology. What is the benefit of this technology:

11. Name the India’s first indigenously built anti-submarine corvette commissioner into service by Indian Navy:

12. In which sector Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been hiked from 26% to 49%:

13. FDI in insurance sector has been hiked to ________ percent from 26%

14. A recent UN study “World Urbanization Prospects” by U.N. Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) has ranked Delhi as second most populous city in the world with 25 million inhabitants. Which is the most populous city:

15. Ancestral House of which Indian film celebrity has been declared as a National heritage monument by the Pakistan govt.:

16. World Bank has agreed to provide $153 million (Rs.920 Crore) loan to Odisha for what purpose:

17. Mr.Ram Naik has been appointed Governor of which State:

18. Who has been appointed as New Governor of West Bengal:

19. Shri Om Prakash Kohli has been appointed Governor of which State:

20. Name the New Governor of Chhatisgarh State:

21. Mrs.Margret Alva has been appointede as new Governor of which State:

22. Shri Kaptan Singh Solanki has been appointed as new Governor of which State:

23. Name the new governor of Nagaland:

24. Name the football player who scored the winning goal for Germany in the FIFA World Cup 2014:

25. Germany won FIFA World Cup 2014 by defeating which country:


1. Sim Bhullar

2. Neoguri

3. 24.01

4. Madhya Pradesh

5. Mizoram

6. Additional Solicitor General

7. Legal Advisor to Central Government

8. Zohra Sehgal

9. INS Kolkata

10. It avoids detection of the ship by the enemy radar

11. INS Kamorta

12. Defence Manufacturing

13. 49

14. Tokyo, 38 million

15. Dilip Kumar

16. To restore cyclone hit housing and public services

17. Uttar Pradesh

18. K.N. Tripathi

19. Gujarat

20. Balramji Das Tandon

21. Goa

22. Haryana

23. Padmanabha Acharya

24. Mario Gotze

25. Argentina

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