General Awareness Quiz for 26 September

Published on Friday, September 26, 2014
General Awareness Quiz for today :-


1. Name the best player of the FIFA World Cup 2014 who won the Golden Ball:

2. Name the best goalkeeper of the FIFA World CUP 2014 who won the Golden Glove Award: 3. Name the best player who scored highest goals – 6, in the FIFA World Cup 2014 and won the Golden Boot Award:

4. Final match of FIFA World Cup 2014 was played at which place:

5. The Indian men’s football team has been ranked in the FIFA World rankings:

6. In the FIFA world rankings, which country has been ranked as no.1:

7. Under which programme Government has set a target to develop skills of 50 Crore people by 2022:

8. The government has set a target of mopping Rs. ______ from stake sale in PSU firms:

9. Government plans to raise Rs.15,000 Crore from sale in financial entities such as SUUTI. What is the full form of SUUTI:

10. To expedite the process to recover bad bank loans, government proposes to set up six new DRTs. What is the full form of DRT:

11. How many judges are there in a Debt Recovery Tribunal:

12. The judge in the Debt Recovery Tribunal is named as:

13. Bad Bank Loans cases of upto Rs. _____ can be filed in DRT:

14. To promote financial inclusion, government proposes to sanction an overdraft (OD) facility of Rs. ______ by the bank to individuals who open an account with them:

15. With what objective government plans to grant OD of Rs.5000 to new bank account openers:

16. Name the comprehensive scheme for financial inclusion which will ensure that every earning citizen opens a bank account:

17. Which financial institution has been asked to create a Rs.1000 Crore credit guarantee fund to finance government’s proposed OD scheme:

18. Parliament has been advised that Banks had Rs.5124 Crore in unclaimed deposits as on December 31, 2013. What is a unclaimed deposit account:

19. Out of the two- balance of trade and balance of payment, which item is larger:

20. Government proposes an allocation of Rs.7060 Crore in this financial year for developing _____ smart cities in the country as satellite towns of larger cities and for modernising the existing mid-sized cities

21. Which country has granted one billion pound ($ 1.68 billion) credit line for investment in Indian infrastructure projects:

22. Name the proposed Rs.1000 Crore nationwide rural irrigation scheme to insulate farmers from excessive dependence on monsoon:

23. Name the proposed soil health card that will be issued to all farmers for optimum utilization of resources and right selection of crops:

24. Government plan to launch _____ TV dedicated to the interests of agriculturists and allied sectors and has allocated Rs.100 Crore for this purpose:

25. Recently held BRICS Summit was ____ in series:


1. Lionel Messi, Argentina

2. Manuel Neuer, Germany

3. James Rodriguez, Colombia

4. Rio De Janeuiro, Brazil

5. 151th

6. Germany

7. The National Policy on Skill Development (NPSD)

8. 43425 Crore

9. Specified Undertaking of the Unit Trust of India

10. Debt Recovery Tribunal

11. One

12. Presiding Officer

13. No Limit

14. Rs.5000

15. To attract people to open bank account to promote financial inclusion

16. Sampoorn Viteeyea Samveshan


18. Accounts with no operations for 10 years

19. Balance of Payment

20. 100

21. Britain

22. Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana

23. Soil Health Card

24. Kisan

25. 6th

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