General Awareness Quiz for 27 September

Published on Saturday, September 27, 2014
General awareness quiz for today :-


1. 6th BRICS Summit was held at which place:

2. Name the new development bank that the BRICS nations propose to form as an alternative to the World Bank:

3. What is the initial authorized capital of the New Development Bank:
4. In what proportion the BRICS countries have agreed to share the capital of New Development Bank:

5. BRICS nations have agreed to establish a $100 billion fund to provide additional liquidity protection to member nations during balance of payments problems. What is its name:

6. Which country has agreed to contribute largest share of 41% to the Contingency Reserve Arrangement:

7. What will be the India’s contribution to the proposed CRA by the BRICS nations:

8. The headquarters of the proposed BRICS New Development Bank will be located in which country:

9. Which country has been allocated the presidency of the proposed BRICS New Development Bank:

10. 7th BRICS Summit will be held at which place:

11. Under which programme government plans to launch four new vaccines to reduce child mortality by two-thirds by next year:

12. As per the Global Innovation Index 2014 India has been placed at which rank:

13. A Mexican software company has managed to transmit audio, video and internet data across the spectrum of light emitted by LED lamps – at a data transfer rate of 10 gigabytes per second. What is this technology called:

14. What is the full form of the new data transferee technology Li Fi:

15. 7th IBSA Summit 2015 will be held in which country:

16. What is the full form of term IBSA:

17. An civilian aircraft of which country was recently shot down by terrorist using a Russian Buk missile:

18. Name the two new types of banks for formation of which the RBI Has issued guidelines:

19. The proposed payment banks will not be allowed which major function of the banks:

20. Prem Bhatia Award are given for excellence in which field:

21. The area of operations of the small bank will be restricted to which level:

22. Smita Gupta has been awarded the Prem Bhatia Award for political reporting. She is associated with which news paper:

23. Nitin Sethi, Associate Editor, Business Standard, has been honoured with which award for excellence inn environmental and development reporting:

24. Nadine Gordimer, Nobel Prize-winning author, one of the most powerful voices against the injustice of apartheid, passed away recently. He was from which country:

25. Newly elected President of which country is popularly known as ‘Jokowi’:


1. Fortaleza, Brazil

2. New Development Bank

3. $50 billion

4. 20% each

5. Contingency Reserve Arrangement

6. China

7. 18%

8. China

9. India

10. Russian city of Ufa

11. Universal Immunization Programme (UIP)

12. 76th

13. Li Fi

14. Light Fidelity

15. India

16. India, Brazil, South Africa

17. Malaysia

18. Payment Bank and Small Banks

19. Lending

20. Journalism

21. Contiguous districts in a homogenous cluster of States

22. The Hindu

23. Prem Bhatia Award

24. South Africa

25. Indonesia

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