General Awareness Quiz for 4 September

Published on Thursday, September 04, 2014
General awareness quiz for today


1. Name the 1st state which has become a 100% free from “Open Defecation”.

2. Who were declared as the Best Raider and the Best Stopper in the 4th World Cup Women’s Kabaddi?

3. What is the limit of Foreign share holding in Public Sector Banks and in Private Sector Banks in any form?

4. CBI Director is Ranjit Sinha whereas the CBI Special Director is

5. Wholesale Price Inflation is based on (WPI) Wholesale Price Index whereas the Retail Price Inflation is based on ….

6. 30% higher education is the target of India to be achieved under Rastriya Ucchattar Siksha Abhiyaan (RUSA) by the year

7. At 63rd Berlin Film Festival, the Golden Bear Award was given to

8. What percentage of seats in Private Educational Institutions must be reserved for children from economically weaker section of society?

9. What is the main target of RMSA (Rashtriya Madhyamaik Siksha Abhiyaan)?

10. What are the major chages done in Hockey as per International Hockey Federation (FIH)?

11. Name the country which has been ‘Malaria Free’ since 1984.

12. The largest borrower of Asian Development Bank is

13. Name the programme started by Bills and Melinda Gates Foundation to prevent the HIV infections in India.

14. The “Freedom on the Net 2013” report out of 60 nations name the 1st ranked nation

15. What is ‘Prism’?

16. The most efficient Navratna Award 2013 was given to ….

17. Name the cricketer who has topped ICC Test Cricket All Rounder ranking

18. What is “Mountain Strike Corps”?

19. What is OPCW (Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons)?

20. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of 7th pay commission?

21. Name the India’s first gun for women (a small revolver) given as a tribute to Nirbhaya.

22. Which right is known as human right as well as fundamental right under the Constitution of India?

23. How much climbing charges for Mount Everest are being charged by Nepal?

24. As per Walk Free Foundation of Australia the Modern Slavery includes….

25. International Indian of the Decade Award …. (by India Link International Magazine)


1. Sikkim
2. Ram Bateri and Anu Rani respectively
3. 49% and 74% respectively
4. Archana Sundram
5. Consumer Price Index (CPI)
6. 2020 (present level is 12.4%)
7. Child’s Pose
8. 10%
9. Secondary schools within 5 km and higher secondary schools within 7 km radius
10. 60 minutes games instead of 70 min with 4 qtr. Of 15 min each
11. Maldives
12. India
13. Avahan Programme (2003-2013)
14. Ireland, 2nd Estonia
15. It is a secret spying programme of USA’s used to snoop in privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties
16. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.
17. R. Ashwin
18. India’s 14th Corps of Army will be deputed on Line of Actual Control with China
19. This is an organisation to check and prohibit the chemical weapons, is the winner of Nobel for Peace
20. Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur
21. Nirbheek
22. Right to Education
23. $11000
24. Debt Bondage, Forces marriage, Trafficking, Use of children in Marriage
25. Lord Swaraj Paul

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