General Awareness Quiz for 5 September

Published on Friday, September 05, 2014
General Awareness quiz for for today :-


1. SAFF Football Championship Men final was won by Afghanistan from

2. Soumitra Chaudhari Committee’s proposed base year for WPI is ….

3. The cost of TAPI Gas pipeline project is $7.6bn whereas its length is

4. Sitara-e-Shujaat Pakistan’s highest civilian award for bravery was given to ….

5. Who has been appointed as the President of S & P (Standards & Poor’s) the world largest credit rating agency?

6. Name the state that has won Vijay Hazare, Ranji and Irani trophies of 2014

7. What is the weight of Manufacturing, Electricity and Mining in the overall 1000 Index of Industrial Production (IIP)?

8. Who will represent Miss India World 2014?

9. India’s longest train journey is covered by Vivek Express whereas the 2nd longest train journey is covered by ….

10. As per (SIPRI) a report on trends in World Military Expenditure 2013, 1st rank is USA, 2nd China, 3rd Russia whereas India is at ….

11. Which nation has made a law for ‘Homosexual will get life imprisonment’?

12. World Deepest Rail Tunnel is in (connecting Asia and Europe)

13. Name the new Chairman of NTRO (National Technical Research Org.) country’s top Intelligence and Surveillance Agency

14. As per Planning Commission, the State having the largest people living below poverty level.

15. Lowest Growth in Literacy in the last decade was seen in

16. The 41st Chief Justice of India is ….

17. Name the satellite which has completed its life and has gone out of service.

18. How much reward is given on passing the skill test under NSDC (National Skill Dev. Corpn.)?

19. Fotros Drone with biggest range of 2000 km is developed by ….

20. Bharat Ratna Award 2013 was given to ….

21. Name the 1st Captain in the World Cricket who has won ICC T20 World, ICC World Cup and ICC Champions Trophy.

22. As per NSSO (National Sample Survey Org.) the monthly per capita consumption expenditure in Urban India is ….

23. Kosovo was declared independent in 2008 whereas the Ukraine was separated from Russian in ….

24. How much was given to Nepal to control the floods in 3 rivers Lalkakeya, Bagmati and Kamla?

25. World’s fastest batsman who scored more than 5000 runs in ODIs.


1. India
2. 2009-10 (earlier is 2004-05)
3. 1680 km
4. Malala Yousafzai (14 years old peace activist for girls education)
5. Neeraj Sahai (an Indian American)
6. Karnataka
7. 755.27, 103.16 and 141.57 respectively
8. Femina Miss India Koyal Rana
9. Himsagar Express
10. 9th rank (in 2012 was 8th )
11. Uganda
12. Turkey (Istanbul)
13. Mr.Rentala Chandrasekhar
14. Chhatisgarh at 39.93%
15. Nagaland
16. Justice R.M. Lodha
17. INSAT-3A
18. Rs.10000
19. Iran
20. Sachin Tendulkar and Prof. CNR Rao
21. M.S. Dhoni
22. Rs.2630 (Rs.2401.61 in last report)
23. 1991
24. Rs.374 million
25. Virat Kohli (in 120 matches and 114 innings) earlier was Vivian Richards

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