General Awareness Quiz for 6 September

Published on Saturday, September 06, 2014
General Awareness quiz for today


1. Cricketer of Generation was given to Sachin Tendulkar by ….

2. As per Registrar General Annual Report, on MMR (Maternal Mortality Rate), the worst performing states are

3. In 5th ICC Word T20, most runs were taken by Virat Kohli whereas the most wickets were taken by

4. What is Phantom?

5. Miss Asia Pacific 2013 was held in South Korea, which was won by ….

6. What is the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) limit in the new banks?

7. As per Census 2011, the Muslims in total population are 13.2% whereas the Jains are

8. How many children were benefited under midday meals scheme, as per economic survey 2012-13?

9. China’s 1st moon rover is ….

10. As ‘Indicash ATM’ is related to TATA in the same way ‘Money Spot ATM’ is related to

11. Crop Loan Limit is Rs.3 Lac and interest on Crop Loan is ….

12. Which area has been declared as the Ecological Sensitive Area/No Go Zone?

13. How much % age of households are availing the banking services as per Census 2011?

14. What is the present Creamy Layer Limit?

15. 45th Dada Saheb Phalke Award was given by the Ministry of ….

16. The Best State Award for rural tourism was given to

17. How much of food grain will be provided under food security?

18. What was the expenditure limit in 16th Lok Sabha elections for MP for big states and from small state and Uts?

19. State having 100% sanitation coverage is

20. The new President of Chile is

21. The Human Development Report (HDR) 2013 prepared by UNDP, India’s Rank in Human Development Index (HDI) is at ….

22. The 6th IBSA was held in ….

23. Sachin Tendulkar was made the Brand Ambassador of UNICEF for South Asia for

24. Saraswati Samman 2013 was given to Hindi poet Govind Mishra for his work

25. Convention on biological diversity the COP-11 was held in


1. ESPN Crincinfo Awards
2. Assam and Uttarakhand
3. Imran Tahir and Ahsan Malik (12 each)
4. 3 D model of a human finger print developed by Anil Kumar Jain
5. Srishti Rana of India
6. 49% (for the 1st 5 years)
7. 0.40%
8. 105 million
9. Jade Rabbit
10. Prizm Payment Services
11. 7%
12. 37% of Western Ghats
13. 58.70%
14. Rs.4.5 (last amended in 2008)
15. Information and Broadcasting
16. Sikkim
17. 5 kg per person per month
18. Rs.70 Lac and Rs.54 Lac respectively
19. Sikkim
20. Michelle Bachelet (former UN Women Chief)
21. 136th out of total 187
22. New Delhi
23. Open Defecation
24. Dhool Paudho Par
25. Hyderabad

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