General Awareness Quiz for 9 September

Published on Tuesday, September 09, 2014
General awareness quiz for today :-


1. The last CWG 2006 was held in Seoul and the next CWG 2014 was held in

2. Name the nation that has declared to shut down all its nuclear power plants by 2022

3. China’s “One Child Policy” started in the year of ….

4. As per HDR 2013, India’s rank in Gender Inequality Index is at

5. Who was declared as the ‘man of the match’ in 68th Santosh Trophy?

6. Unemployment rate in UK is ….

7. In Air force greatest honour – the Standard Award was given to Wing Com. Manish Sharma whereas the Colours Awards was given to ….

8. Trade related a remittance per transaction has been increased by RBI from Rs.2 Lac to ….

9. Name the person who filed a petition to prove Bhagat Singh’s innocence in Lahore SSP John P Saunders murder in 1928 (450 witnesses were there but no cross examination was done before Bhagat Singh hanging).

10. In Europe, name the fund kept for the help of distressed European economies.

11. United Nation is celebrating 2014 as the International Year of ….

12. ISRO’s 1st Space journey started in 1975 with the launching of

13. Name the first Indian who made there triple centuries

14. Who is the author of “My Journey transforming Dreams into Actions”

15. Name the committee set up to define FDI and FII.

16. National Polio Immunization campaign was launched in 1995 and no case of Polio has come into notice since

17. Who said on Easter Message “Britain is still a Christian Country”?

18. As per Diabetes Atlas the Diabetes capital of the world is ….

19. Recently the World Bank has passed loan for India to the tune of

20. Palestine recognized Israel as ‘State’ in 1993 but Israel demands as (Israel and Palestine Dispute)

21. Name the World’s largest Aircraft

22. The target of Britain to convert all paper currency into plastic currency is by

23. Daiichi Sankyo the owner of Ranbaxy has sold it to ….

24. Retirement age of central government employee was raised from 58 to 60 years, last time in ….

25. India won the Nehru Cup Football from ….


1. Glasgow (Scotland)
2. Germany
3. 1980
4. 132nd out of total 148

5. Zico Zoremsanga (Capt. Of Mizorem)

6. 7.80%
7. G. Capt. S Shrinivas

8. Rs.5 Lac

9. Imtiaz Rashid Qureshi the Chairman of Bhagat Singh Memorial

10. European Stability Mechanism (Euro 500 bn)

11. Family Farming, Crystallography, Solidarity with the Palestinian People and Small Island Developing States

12. Aryabhatta

13. Ravinder Jadeja

14. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

15. Arvind Mayaram Committee

16. 2011

17. David Cameron (PM)

18. China (last year was India)

19. $ 3.5 bn

20. Jews State

21. Airlander of UK

22. 2015

23. Sun Pharmaceutical

24. 1998

25. Cameroon by 5-4

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