Computer Questions asked in IBPS PO IV 12 October Evening Shift

Published on Sunday, October 12, 2014
IBPS PO IV exam came up with lots of surprise. Candidates who are reading the questions asked in yesterday's exam certainly have an edge over others. Here is list of questions asked from computer section.

I am highly thankful to Gaurav dwivedi from mansard for sharing these questions with my readers.

Computer Questions asked

  1. Well known internet protocol – HTTP 
  2. Storage that retains its data after power is turned off is referred to – Non volatile 
  3. Processor speed measures in – Giga hertz 
  4. In a bank, after computerization cheques are taken care of by – MICR 
  5. Microsoft office is a – Application software 
  6. In MS Word which combination is used for bold the letters – CTRL+ B 
  7. Which is not a output device - Scanner 
  8. DOS full form – Disk operating system 
  9. By using BROWSER we can search anything on internet. 
  10. Which is not a computer language – ROM 
  11. PV full form in MS EXCEL – Present Value 
  12. History list is the name that stores the URLs of webpages & links visited in past few days. 
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