General Awareness Quiz for 1 October 2014

Published on Wednesday, October 01, 2014
General awareness quiz for today :-


1. Name the river which was blocked due to land slide in Nepal that cause the grim chances of flood in Kosi River

2. Mettur Dam is on Cauvery river whereas the Hirakud Dam is on
3. Nigeria was the 4th nation affected by Ebola Virus, name the 1st nation where it started…

4. Name the latest disease declared by WHO as the Epidemic Disease

5. SAFTA (South Asian Free Trade Agreement) came into force in

6. SAARC Development Fund was set up with a paid up0 capital of $300 million, in which India contributed…

7. What is the mutual trade done by SAARC nations to the total trade done by SAARC Nations with the World

8. Name the new President of Indonesia

9. Who was the CMD of Syndicate Bank indicated in a Bribery Case?

10. In China’s Earthquake the Epicentre was …

11. Name the place in China where more than 90000 persons were killed in 2008

12. How much money has been kept for Recapitalization of Public Sector Bank for maintain the Basel-III norms

13. As per monetary policy in August 2014, the SLR securities in the held to trading category was 22% whereas in the held to maturity was…

14. What is the difference in budgetary deficit and fiscal deficit?

15. Name the nation which was affected by Chikungunya to the large extent and also by a Debt Default


1. Sunkoshi River

2. Mahanadi River

3. Guinea

4. Ebola Virus

5. 2006

6. $189 mn

7. 5%

8. Joko Widodo (also known as Jokowi and was a furniture maker)

9. S.K. Jain

10. Longtoushan in Ludian Country

11. Sichuan Province

12. Rs.2.4 Crore

13. 24% of NDTL

14. When borrowing and other liabilities are added in the Budget Deficit it becomes the Fiscal Deficit

15. Argentina

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