General Awareness Quiz for 17 October

Published on Friday, October 17, 2014
General awareness quiz for today

1. What was prominent in the 6th BRICS held in Fortaleza?

2. The authorized capital of BRICS Development Bank is $100bn whereas the subscribed capital is

3. Where will be the Headquarter of BRICS Development Bank

4. In $100bn Contingency Reserve Arrangement, China’s contribution will be for $41bn and South Africa for $5bn, whereas of Brazil, India and Russia’s will be ..

5. As per Forbes’s Top 10 teams, the 1st is Real Madrid ($3.44bn) whereas the 2nd and 3rd are …

6. INS Kolkata was produced under project 15-A whereas INS Kamorta was produced under

7. What are the 3 MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed with Brazil?

8. What code name was given to the India Russia Navy Exercise done in Sea of Japan?

9. Name the teams those got 3rd and 4th place in FIFA-2014

10. The opening and closing ceremony of FIFA-2018 will be held in …

11. Who is the President of FIFA (Federation Internatinale de Football Association)

12. The electricity power generation target was 975bn unit where _______ was achieved in 2013-14

13. 900 years old Khemer Hindu temple – Preah Viehar was been declared UNESCO World Heritage site in the year (was in dispute of Thailand and Cambodia)

14. As per RBI report, the leading bank in terms of electronic transactions in India is

15. Maria Sharapova has become the 5th grand slam winner after French Open 2014, name the year in which she won all the 4 grand slams.


1. BRICS Development Bank and Contingent Reserve Arrangement

2. $50bn (will be contributed equally by BRICS nations)

3. Shanghai (China)

4. $18 bn by each nation

5. Barcelona ($3.2bn) and Manchester United ($2.81bn)

6. Project 28

7. MoU on environment, MoU on space and MoU on Consular Relationship

8. INDRA-14

9. Netherlands and Brazil respectively

10. Luzhniki Stadium of Russia

11. Sepp Blatter

12. 967.15 bn unit

13. 2008

14. HDFC

15. 2012

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