General Awareness Quiz for 28 October

Published on Tuesday, October 28, 2014
General Awareness Quiz for today 


1. Women Asia Cup Twnety-20 was won by …

2. As per U K Trade and Investment report the largest exporter of weapons is …

3. In 44th IFFI, Silvre Peacock Awards for best actor and best actress were given to …

4. India signed an agreement on taking the country access to north Caspian Sea Region with

5. In Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana, the Government contribution for the male workers is Rs.1000 and for t he female workres it is …

6. India’s first Space Weather Station is opened in …

7. In Davis Cup 2013 final Radek Stepanek won from

8. Which currency note after 1st Jan. 2015 will be exchanged with proper ID if more t han 10 notes will be there, without year of printing?

9. Name the state where Article 371D will continue to ensure equitable opportunities for education and public employment.

10. Silent screams – India’s fight agaisnt rape, a documentary film was written Manira A Pinto and tells about …

11. Who has become t he youngest formula one driver to win the drivr’s championship 4th time?

12. Name the 1st human made machine that has crossed t he solar system and reached in interstellar medium

13. Gandhi Peace Prize 2013 was given to …

14. The World’s largest Private Yacht built by german shipyard

15. The best performing currencies in Asia Pacific Region are


1. India from Pakistan by 18 runs

2. 1st USA, 2nd UK, 3rd Russia

3. Alon Mow Aboutaboul for A place in Heaven and to Boczarska Magdlena for In hiding resp.

4. Kazakhstan

5. Rs.2000 in the first year of the policy

6. Kolkata

7. Dusan Lajovic

8. Rs.500 and Rs.1000

9. Andhra Pradesh

10. Nirbhaya (Delhi rape tragedy)

11. Sebastian Vettel (Germany)

12. Voyager I (was launched in 1977 by NASA)

13. Chandi Prasad Bhatt (a pioneer of Chipko Movement)

14. Azzam

15. 1st INR, 2nd Rupiah and 3rd is New Zealand dollar

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