General Awareness Quiz for 29 October

Published on Wednesday, October 29, 2014
General awareness quiz for today 


1. As per Fortune 500 Most Profitable Co. in the World is

2. Name the group which is having 43% of World’s population and 1/5 of World’s GDP.

3. The only state with double digit Gross State Domestic Growth as per CSO is

4. JNNSM target to connect 20000 MW of solar power to national grid is by …

5. Of the total nuclear warhead all over the World 93% are possessed by

6. What should be t he percentage of gold reserve in the main reserve of India?

7. The countries which have legalised Euthanasia

8. India’s 1st Monorail was started in Mumbai in between

9. Name the two tribes of South Sudan in between the ethnic violence is going on

10. India and Bhutan have signed agreement on …

11. Who was declared as the Man of the Match in U-19 World Cup Cricket 2014?

12. Selection committee for Lok Pal includes?

13. Who were declared as players of the year in men’s and women’s by all India Football Federation?

14. What is Project 75 India?

15. Election Commission comes under Article 324 whereas Right to Vote comes under


1. Exxon Mobil 1st, Apple 3rd, and Microsoft 4th and Ford Motor is 5th


3. Bihar with 15.05% and next are MP, Goa and Odisha

4. 2022

5. USA and Russia

6. 5

7. Belgium and Netherland

8. Wadala and Chembur

9. Nuer and Dinka

10. On 4 joint hydro electric power projects

11. Corbin Borsch of South Africa

12. PM, Speaker of Lok Sdabha, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, CJI or a sitting Judge of Supreme Court nominated by CJI, Eminent Jurist nominated by the President of India

13. Sunil Chhetri and Oinam Bem Bem Devi respectively

14. A project to construct 6 advanced stealth submarines, armed with both land and air attack missiles

15. Article 326

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