General Awareness Quiz for 30 October

Published on Thursday, October 30, 2014
General Awareness Quiz for today


1. What is the monthly bond limit of US Federal Reserve?

2. Name the helicopter for th e extensive surveys by geological survey of India

3. What is India’s rank in the World in respect of green house gas emition?

4. Who had worn the crown to megan young in the 63rd Miss World?

5. What are the Cash Reserve Ratio, Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate and Bank Rate (as on 20th August 2014)

6. Name the states affected by Cyclone Phailin

7. As per Census 2011, density of population in India is …

8. What is ‘AMA Jangal Yojana’?

9. S. Jaishanker has been appointed as the Ambassador to USA whereas Ashok Kantha as the Ambassador to …

10. 50th Jnanpith Award 2013 was given to

11. The new CEO of international cricket council is …

12. What is JIMAX?

13. Who is the head of GST Panel?

14. Wholesale Price Inflation is based on wholesale price index whereas the retail price inflation is based on …

15. In the rice production the largest is China whereas the 2nd largest is …


1. $ 35bn

2. Garuda Vasudha

3. 5th

4. Yu Wenxia of China the winner of 62nd Miss World

5. 4%, 8%, 7% and 9% respectively

6. Odisha and Andhra Pradesh

7. 382 persons per sq. km.

8. To enhance forest cover area in Odisha

9. China

10. Kedar Nath Singh

11. Richardson

12. Japan and India’s joint naval exercise

13. Abdul Rahim Rather

14. Consumer Price Index

15. India

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