SBI PO Interview - Questions asked on 21 October

One of my reader shared his interview experience with me along with various questions asked in his SBI PO interview on 21st October. Here is list of questions asked :- 

1 How the bonus shares are issued

New shares issued to existing shareholder in the ratio of their shareholding

2 What is govt's current policy for oil pricing, What are the changes in petrol and diesel prices. 

Prices are deregulated now. Fuel prices are now aligned with international oil prices. This has helped government to use money in infrastructure development. 

3 Who is nicknamed punter in cricket ?

Ricky Ponting from Australia

4. Name the methods of depreciation, which is better and why ?

Straight line method - A fixed amount depreciation is charged every year. 
Written down method - Depreciation rate is charged on residual value of asset each year. For example is rate is 10% and value of asset is Rs 10,000. Then Depreciation charged will be 
1st year - Rs 1000
2nd year - Now value of asset is Rs 9000, depreciation charged will be Rs 9000  

Written Down Value method is better as in reality value generation of an asset decreases so depreciation charged should be based on the value of asset and value it is generating. WDV method depicts a clear picture.

5. What is the difference between an SWO and a clerk.

Answer -

6. When the budget is declared, What is declared by the fin min before the day on which budget is declared. 

Pre-Budget discussions

These were the questions which I couldn't answer, I was asked about 16 Questions. Reat of them were rightly abswered probably. I am working as an assistant manager in Baroda Gujarat gramin bank, will this add any marks. I am quite scares and confused. Please help me for this

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  1. Can u Plz tell me difference between swo and clerk

  2. SWO means Single window Operator

  3. These are the queations i was asked in the sbi po interview. I dont knw why my comment has beem deleted from a blog post, still Ramandeep sir if you can say something about selection if i was wrong in most of the questions and there were 10 More Questions i was most probably right in them. And i was much confident in the interview.
    help me remove my fear and confusion!

    1. How many ques did u solved in written exam plz rply it will help me next year

    2. 120z though its not important as exams level changes!

  4. Sir. I have confusion in ages problems so plz give me any short cut methods for solving aged problems.

  5. sir is there any way to know the marks i have scored in rbi associate examination,as i did not clear the examination,but still i want to know that by how much marks i lagged behind.And also please tell me the cut off marks for the same exam.
    Thanking you..


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