General Awareness Quiz for 1 November

Published on Saturday, November 01, 2014
General awareness quiz for today


1. The longest serving CM after Mr.Jyoti Basu is

2. India’s 1st Economic Census was started in 1977 whereas the 6th Economic Census was started in

3. The World largest Solar Power Project (4000 MW) is in …

4. The new President of Maldives is …

5. What is Nabrathna?

6. How much reward is given on passing the skill test under NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation)?

7. The President of Uruguay gave _______ figure of Tobacco related death every year which is more than World War I and II.

8. India’s 1st indigenously designed and built Naval Ship is

9. As per Times Higher Education 100 Ranking 2014, the 1st place Univeristy is …

10. The Panchsheel Agreement between India and China was signed in

11. Under the new Land Acquisition Bill the value of land in rural areas will be fixed 4 times the market value whereas in urban areas

12. The most polluted city in the World as per WHO

13. Name the nation that has given political asylum to Julian Assange (an ethical hacker and founder of Wiki leaks)

14. Name the Malaysian Airlines Jet that missed with 239 persons on board.

15. What is the other name of Universal Health Coverage?


1. Pawan Kumar Chamling, the CM of Sikkim

2. 2013

3. Sambhar (Rajasthan)

4. Abdulla Yameen

5. Light weight aircraft Dornier 228 is helpful in evaluation of performance of various radars.

6. Rs.10000

7. 8 million

8. INS Vikrant launched in Kochi

9. Pohang University of Korea

10. 1954

11. It would be 2 times of the market val ue

12. Delhi

13. Ecuador

14. MH 370 (on flight from Malaysia to Beijing)

15. Jan Swasthya Abhiyaan

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