General Awareness Quiz for 14 November

Published on Friday, November 14, 2014
General Awareness Quiz for today

1. The Chief of NDRF is O.P. Sharma, NDRF stands for

2. Name the 1st serving CM on who Section 8(4) of Representation of People Act became applicable.

3. J. Jayalalitha was indicated in 18 years old Rs.66.65 Crore disproportionate assets case under

4. Who was the PIL in J. Jayalalitha accusation?

5. Any law maker if found guilty of corruption and g et more than 2 years of sentence will immediately loses his membership of a legislative body under

6. Where the Stampede took place in end of Dussehra celebration?

7. What is MANAS (Maulana Azad National Academy for Skills)?

8. Name the painter whose painting was sold for Rs.11 Crore at Sotheby’s Auction

9. The President who is appearing before the International Criminal Court – Netherland after temporarily resigning from the post of Presidentship.

10. What is “Operation Kali”?

11. Which new thing will be added in Mid Day Meals?

12. What is Tithi Bhojan?

13. WPI based inflation in September was 2.38%, whereas the lowest inflation of 1.78% was on

14. As per RBI Data the Bank Deposit on October 03 was Rs.8289310 Crore whereas Bank Credit was

15. India lost the case in WTO court from USA in the matter of


1. National Disaster Response Force

2. J. Jayalalitha

3. Section 13(1)E of Prevention of Corruption Act 1988

4. Subramanian Swamy

5. Section 8(4) of Representation of People Act

6. Gandhi Maidan, Patna

7. It was started by Minority Affairs Ministry, for providing skills, upgrading ability and training minority’s communities

8. Tyeb Mehta

9. President Kenyatta of Kenya

10. To protect the women in Metros, started by CISF

11. Tithi Bhojan

12. For monitoring an d participation of community in the mid day meals

13. October 2009

14. Rs.6269007 Crore

15. Poultry Business Restrictions

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